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1/72 KP Aero A.100

October 28, 2017 · in Aviation · 28 · 3.2K

I originally built & photographed this old KP kit (with an ARC contribution) about 10 years ago, A few days ago I noticed it had jiggled close to the edge of its shelf, and when I went to re position it I noticed the right aileron control horn was missing. With some rare free time on my hands I repaired it, and decided to do a re-shoot. When I built this kit I did quite a bit of scratch building, replacing the exhaust pipes, outboard struts, navigation lights, the foot pegs, probably some other stuff I don't remember. I never did find suitable replacement ordinance. (still looking though)

This design won a competition and 11 were ordered by the Czechoslovakian Ministry of National Defense in October 1933. It went into service as a two seat, long range reconnaissance and bomber aircraft.

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  1. Good lookin' build (nicely photographed, too). 🙂

  2. I thought there were more built. I seem to remember seeing a photo one in WW II, perhaps in Bulgarian markings? Czech aircraft (post Munich) moved around. Nice work on her, pretty basic kit, by todays standards. Like most of their early kits. They're back, now, thought I haven't seen any available hereabouts. My outlets have disappeared, however. Don to one, half an hour up the road.

    • I think the original order was for 11, for evaluation purposes. I don't know how many actually went into service. Glad you like it..

      • I was always tempted by the obscure, or the real colorful. KP was the better of the behind the Iron Curtain manufacturers, compared to the East Germans, and say, Ruch. Raised detail, good shapes, not so good decals, made by folks like us. Not easy to find, where I live.

  3. Looks good Phil, nicely presented.

  4. I know how hard it is to turn these really poor kits into something impressive like this (look at my gallery if you don't believe me) so well done you,good work.

    • Most of the larger parts were cleanly cast, The smaller pieces suffered a bit more, although the flexible gun and mags were nice. I just made what I needed, and heaved the rest.Glad you like it Neil !

  5. Nice work Phil, always admire those that take on rigging of old aircraft. Haven't mastered that skill yet .

  6. Nice! great re-shoot too.

  7. The words Bilateral and Symmetry come to mind. The wings are aligned and the rigging (in scale) is very smart looking, Solid paint job and no silvering on the decals. The wooden prop is solid and is that added details that holds everything together. Two thumbs up Phil. Looking forward to see more of your work.

    • that's seeing more of your work. Now that my reader are on.

    • Thanks Stephen ! You can make a silk purse from a sow's ear, so to speak, but this wasn't a horrible kit by any means. It just needed some applied skill. Ten years ago I was developing methods for rigging biplanes and stringing antenna wires that looked in scale. Those little cross tie batonetts were a first on this build. Speaking of decals, those are one of the supplied sets of markings and went on without a hitch !

  8. Looks great Phil! Especially like the look you got on the prop.

  9. Nice build with nice rigging. Nice presentation also, thank you!

  10. A fortunate jiggle with a great result, thanks for sharing it with us.

    • Thanks George ! I think it was that bass amp I was working on that caused the movement. The basement doubles as a music room, and sometimes a wee carpentry shop.

  11. REALLY well done, Phil. This is a new aircraft to me.

  12. Thanks Jeffry ! I hadn't heard of the type myself until I got the kit. It's still the only one on ARC where I did the original article, and there are only a few images on Goggle, so I guess it's a rare build as well.

  13. Hello, Phil. I'm new to iModeler. and back into the hobby after about 45 years away, so I'm hunting around for any and all hints and tips. I too have an Aero A.100 from KP, along with others , of Czechoslovakian fighters, trainers and reconnaissance machines from the inter war years. My problem is getting the camouflage colours right. I did find some help from the people at Agama, who told me that the fighters had a slightly lighter 'green' to the heavier aircraft, and suggested some paints. Unfortunately, my Mrs controls the domestic finances, and she is not happy about entering the credit card details on "some dodgy foreign website", so I'm in the process of trying to find a UK dealer . Ho Hum. Can you remember what you used for the upper and lower surfaces, or can you recommend anything?

    Thanks for your time, and I hope I can emulate your results. Seeing what it should look like is a real incentive.



  14. Thank you for your interest. The dark upper color was mixed to match the box art, (it's sort of a brownish greenish grey) and the lower color is light ghost grey. All were Testors Model Master paints. The flat paints were glossed with Future floor finish to allow good application of the decals, and then sealed with Testors dull coat. All painting was done with a Badger air brush.

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