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Plaque and Medal Display Design

October 3, 2017 · in How-to · · 10 Comments

Last week, my wife helped me figure out how to get the model award plaques out of my display cabinets (to make more room for the eventual migration of subjects from stash to display) and medals I've acquired over the years, into some resemblance of a nice wall display. I thought I'd share it as an example in case others are trying to figure out what to do with all those things! [Please believe me - I am NOT a "contest builder," and am not trying to "show off" my awards! I build for my own enjoyment, am definitely not a rivet counter, and do my best to stay away from "super detailing" for the express purpose that I just like to keep adding aircraft to my collection! However, I do LOVE to go to shows/contests to see what others are doing, and always like to support the shows by bringing whatever builds are suitable to the show. As a consequence, I do win a few - mostly 2nd and 3rd place.]

Anyway - I bought a simple shelf at a big box hardware store, and bought brackets that were designed in a way that would allow for a wooden dowel to be hung from them (see close up). I bought a dowel the same length as the shelf and painted it gloss black to match the shelf. So the shelf and dowel took care of the upright-standing trophies and the ribbons/medals. Then the wall plaques could be hung above the shelf on the wall. You'll notice the brown wall plaque in the middle of the shelf actually on a small plate stand. That was the only plaque of that size, but if I ever acquire more, I can then hang them on the wall as needed.

So there you go, in the "for what it's worth" department!

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10 responses

  1. Greg, 'for what it's worth' I love this - I'm a great believer in recognising talent and displaying how much others appreciate your skills. Well done on lots of levels; you are a true modeler's modeler!

  2. NICE...only wish I had a "dust-free" environment like that for MY models. 🙁

  3. Awesome Greg, looks really good

  4. Great collection and well deserved price!

  5. I'm all for a 'dust-free' environment. I have enough models to fill a dozen of those nice glass cabinets. Your wife's shelf idea with the added rod is excellent! I have a number of shooting awards that could benefit from the same type of shelving.

    But I don't have any modeling awards, Greg - congratulations for all your awards - you do great work! I won exactly one contest and was awarded $20 and a case of beer - no medal or plaque! (It was a contest at Ft. Knox, Kentucky back when I was still in the Army so the beer was a fine prize for a soldier!)

    • Yeah - I've got 5 total cabinets now, and space for probably another few years of building (depending on project size), but then I'm going to have to either add shelves to the existing cabinets, or buy more. I've only built about 1/5 of my stash, so... (I think I'll have to ask my boss for a bigger office, just to house my collection - wonder how he'll respond to that...?!)

  6. Greg, Thanks for sharing, some really good ideas that I will use. Space is a constant problem, the biggest of these is my small room that I've simply outgrown. Thanks for the idea's.

  7. Nice display Greg, I see more than one first place there, well done.

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