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F-35I “Adir” Italeri 1/32

November 27, 2017 · in Aviation · · 15 Comments

Hello colleagues,

this time I would like to share with you about my elaborate building F-35I by

I have a complete etch set from Eduard for the kit. I made the cables in the chassis shafts and bomb bays of lead wires of different diameters. I am currently repairing the nozzle because the kit is really terrible. I use the etchings of my own design, which I lay on myself to create the characteristic look of the nozzle.

Perhaps you will like the building 🙂

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15 responses

  1. I'm sorry, but I probably wrong with this thread. I have already created new models in the section and I can not delete this 🙁

  2. No worries at all, Tomáš. Your build is most welcome at this place.

  3. I have one question: how on earth did you get reference material about the bomb bays that detailed without being arrested?

  4. Whoa Nelly! And that's why I stick with 1/72 scale - so I don't get caught up in all that extra detailing work! Looks fantastic.

  5. Fantastic craftsmanship, sir...( and yes, you CAN make changes to your narrative OR the photos - whether they be additions or deletions - simply click on the red "Edit Article" ...)

  6. Ditto on the Wow!

  7. WOW factor 11/10!

  8. I see that Tamiya are also releasing this kit under their own name but with different (Japanese) markings, I’m not sure if there any other differences.

  9. Fantastic detailing. PE are very delicate to work with. What is the diameter of the lead wires ? One thought though. Aren't the lead wires put some extra weight on the model ?

  10. WOW! The bays look suitably busy and the photoetch nozzle looks great!

  11. Hello Thomas,
    Fantastic. Just the exhaust is already a complete model on its self.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  12. Amazing work on that nozzle Tomas!

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