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Just visited Competition area to find London Gunbus was awarded a Gold medal. Nothing at all for HMS Victory though.

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  1. Congratulations Rob. And we saw if first here on imodeler.

  2. The show just started and they're awarding medals already...?

  3. Congrats on winning gold for the Gunbus. I would definitely have awarded gold for HMS Victory which is a museum quality build to say the least!

  4. Rob, very deserving, congratulations !

  5. Congratulation for Your gold!

    Second thoughts: Mere three hours for judging? Wow! I thing such a little time woudn't be enough for me just look over carefully a category...
    As the others I can't beleive that You couldn't win with the Victory. Interesting but these things are happens - we never know I guess :O

  6. Congratulations on your gold! Very well done!

  7. Well done, Rob, perhaps the gold was awarded for using your skills to realise your imagination, not many people can do that.

  8. The gun bus is apropos. It's steam punk, a little outside of the box.Science fiction grounded in reality or recent reality given the buses age. The model is whimsical and fun to look at. One photo doesn't say it all but, Rob it looks to me that it's deserving of the Gold. A wins a win. Something to write home about.

  9. Well deserved, sir!

  10. Congratulations on the Gold Rob. As to the Victory being passed over, as they used to say about figure skating, “it must have been that damn...insert the nationality of your choice.. judge again.”

  11. If you'd have forced a choice between the two, to have delivered gold, it may have been the other way around in a lot of heads. I love the Gun Bus - I'm so pleased for you that it won. It is pure innovation. HMS Victory is just mind-blowing and it seems odd not to recognise the workmanship, hours, detail and shear beauty, but to the judge who rewarded the genius of the Bus - well done! And well done to you!

  12. Cheers, Rob.
    Winning a medal in a modeling competition seams 50% modeling and 50% tactics. I think both the bus and the Victory have earned gold but you never know what else drives the judges.

    • I think the judging process at Telford is widely recognised for its eccentricity. My mate Adam had a 1/200 Japanese battleship IN PAPER that took three years to make. Absolutely stunning. It won a Silver medal, and the guy who won Gold did so with a small paper armour model that he made in a day. I think he felt a little sheepish winning. Go figure.

  13. Congratulations, Rob! VERY imaginative & beautifully done!

    Glad we saw it here before you became famous! Ha Ha!

    Seriously, great job!

  14. Congratulations Rob!

  15. Hey Rob, very well done and deserved. Congratulations.

  16. Congratulations Rob,
    Well deserved for this special subject.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  17. Well deserved Rob!

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