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HK 1/32 DH Mosquito BMk XVI build Pt. 3

Oh That Wing!
Just a short update today. I deviated form the assembly sequence and assembled the wing before anything else, it's so big it was getting in the way. I assembled it per the instructions, by first adding all the inserts that give the wing both its airfoil shape and strength, then added the ailerons, flaps, upper engine panels and finally the bomb bay, and found a few assy issues that can be avoided:
You can leave the flap assemblies until after the wing is installed in the fuselage, they tend to get in the way during the dryfit stage.
Be aware that the bomb bay is a snap-fit...once its in place its Not coming out!

One of the more puzzling aspects of this kit is the shape of the radiator intake lips, the shape is completely wrong, as it is too rounded. Unfortunately correcting the shape would be difficult due to the molded details on the side of the fuselage matching the wing shape. For many this has been a big turn-off; me, not so much. Its just head-scratching to think that such a prominent and well-documented detail could have been gotten so wrong...especially when got so many of the other details so right.

Finally, on my next build I will also leave parts AB1 and 2 off (top engine panels), when the nacelles are fitted and the side and lower engine covers are being fitted, having all 4 panels adjustable helps in the overall alignment.
So after allowing the fuselage to set up and the 5-minute epoxy reinforcement to harden came Another Moment of Truth...the wing to fuse join! During the dry fit stage everything seemed very tight, almost too tight for comfort, so I filed back the front and back face of the wing box. I sholdn't have worried. I inserted the wing trailing edge first, then a little push up and Click! Done! the fit is perfect, no filler or even Mr. Surfacer needed!
Now it's starting to look like a Mossie! And its getting bigger...
In the next instalment I will tackle the landing gear and nacelles, which will be the most involved portion of this build.

2 additional images. Click to enlarge.

5 responses

  1. Looking really good Juan.

  2. Coming on. You may have noticed in some of the Telford images in the Competition area there were one or two very nice versions of this HK version.

  3. Very cool! if its cleanly built, nobody will care about the outline errors; it will still bring much joy.

  4. Definitely looking like a Mosquito now.

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