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A couple of old relics

I spotted these two today outside a modern public library in Zhuhai, I couldn't find any information, but I think the plane is a MiG-16 (but I'm only too happy to be corrected), and as for the , that's anyone's guess...

Hope you find them interesting and thanks for looking, George.

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10 responses

  1. V interesting, George.

  2. I think the jet is a MiG 15, the boat looks like a Vosper, not sure how one would find it's way to a library in China though I'd love to know the history of it all the same.
    Cheers George.N.

  3. I always thought that, for whatever reason, all the Mig series were odd-numbered from their designers - on the other hand, I don't recall ever seeing a Mig-15, -17, -19 (or -16 if that be the case) with that type bulbous nose - sorta puts me in mind of the F-86D "Dog Sabre". At any rate, a shame it's been left to its' fate by [apparent] 'street kids' who revel in the random act of graffiti and vandalism.

  4. Given the location in China, my guess would be the aircraft is a Shenyang J-5A, a license-built version of the MiG 17PF. In the nose is the Izumrud radar.

  5. Interesting group of equipment, George. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Mig-17/J-5A is mi guess. Wow that does look like a Vosper.

  7. J-5A. Thanks for sharing, George.

  8. Thanks for your comments, guys. My Chinese friend tried to tell me the plane is a MiG-16 because of the repositioning of the horizontal elevators higher up on the tail fin, don't if he's right. As for the boat looking like a Vosper, perhaps the Chinese were "influenced" by the styling...

  9. Looks like a P-4 Class Torpedo Boat -

    Knowing the influences of it's Russian forebears more likely to be Italian-influenced than British .

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