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A visit to the National Museum of Naval Aviation, Part 1

December 8, 2017 · in Aviation · 7 · 1.3K

I've been able to visit the National Museum of Naval Aviation in Pensacola, Florida, twice in the past month. These visits were different from previous trips in that this was the first time I've been able to go with no time constraints or family distractions. The place has changed quite a bit since I was there last several years ago. It is an aviation geeks greatest fantasy fulfilled - there are airplanes stacked above airplanes, next to airplanes and under airplanes, and between all that are all sorts of artifacts and just tons of neat stuff. This trip had a very wonderful surprise in store for me as well, which I'll get to later. This is part one, stay tuned for more...

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  1. I know it's more than a little work on your part, thanks for sharing. Not everyone gets the opportunity to enjoy your adventures and these pics give us a good idea what we're missing.

  2. Been there just once, thanks for sharing your pics.

  3. Now I know I gotta get there! Thanks for posting.

  4. Wow, where do you start, there's so much to look at.

  5. The place can be a little overwhelming. There's one more series of photos to come from this visit, which was in early November. I haven't even gotten to the trip I did this week, and there's still one more building to cover. Those pics are still in the camera. I'll download and post them when I get home.

  6. Thank you for sharing !

  7. This is awesome, Jaime! I visited there once about 8-10 years ago and judging from these pictures you've shared, it went from a great museum to an amazingly fantastic museum!

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