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‘Planesy’s 1/24th scale collection

Hi all

Here are my 1/24th scale models so far.
The Desert scheme 109 is my little replica of ‘Black 6’ which flew for a number of years on the airshow circuits in the UK after an extensive re-build by Russ Snaden and his team.
When I first saw her fly I couldn’t believe I was seeing a Daimler-Benz powered 109 in the skies and fell in love with her uniqueness and meticulous re-build.
Sadly she succumbed to a fuel pump failure and had to do a wheels up emergency landing which flipped her on her back and was deemed irreparable.
If any of you know of this aeroplane or know the history of Black 6 you may be interested in talking to me further. Lets just say their is more to the story than is made public!
Second picture is my cabinet of completed 1/24th scale models and are from left to right top to bottom:
Airfix. Stuka
Airfix Spitfire VB
Airfix P-51D Mustang
Trumpeter FW 190D
Airfix Hurricane MKI
Airfix BF109 E3
Trumpeter BF 109G6 (Converted to a G2 ‘Black 6’)
Vintage Fighters Curtis Kittyhawk

Models to build in this scale

Airfix FW 190A
Airfix Hawker Typhoon.
My 1/48th scale collection are just in the cabinet below but I’ll post these later.
Until the next time,

1 additional image. Click to enlarge.

6 responses to ‘Planesy’s 1/24th scale collection

  1. Impressive display, Martin….looking forward to your next posting as well.

  2. Nice collection……………. I’m with Craig in looking forward to more of your postings.

  3. Some good-looking builds there Martin! I can’t imagine trying to figure out what to do with 1/24 builds! Mine are all 1/72, and space is already getting tight…

  4. I’ve seen this Emil so many times in the RAF museum at Hendon, London. I always stop and admire her; she’s like an old girlfriend, frozen in time and just beautiful to look at.
    Great work, and that that has got to be one hell of a cabinet!

  5. Hi all
    Once again many thanks for all your kind comments.
    For those of you interested in ‘Black 6’ if you haven’t already seen it I would recommend this excellent documentary on a very unique restoration.

    Enjoy and until the next time.

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