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Avia BH-11 “Boska” (Kovozavody Prostejov 1/72)

No, this year is not over! One more kit should be completed before 2018 will arrive! – this is what I was thinking about last week. So, the result.

Avia BH-9/11 is a tiny sport aircraft from the golden age of aviation, produced in Czechoslovakia in 30th. KP (Kovozávody Prostêjov) released a model of Avia BH-11 this (2017) year, so it’s quite fresh. But, unfortunately, I’ll not recommend this kit for a “weekend build” – short run is a short run. Also, decal film is too thin, and it’s very hard to apply decals.

Prototype of this build – Avia BH-11 “Boska” of Aeroclub Hradec Králové, Czechoslovakia, late 30th.

8 additional images. Click to enlarge.

19 responses to Avia BH-11 “Boska” (Kovozavody Prostejov 1/72)

  1. Dmitry, petite little plane! Somebody had a 50th kit, seems to me. This is th “new” KP? I have some of their original kits, this looks a little more refined. Decas still iffy, I see. Oh, well!
    Good job on her, looks really fine.

    • @berniehackettboymodeler a little bit less than 50, but I strongly want to achieve this goal on iModeler.

      Yes, it’s new KP (actually, it’s the same company as AZ Model). As far as I know, trademark “KP” is owned by some other company, which owns Smer also. Because of that, this new KP should be “Kovozavody Prostejov”. This thing always confuses, also, taking into account that both of them are present on the market.

      Anyway, new KP produces only short run kits, and what I can say – for some reason, they have two types of kits. One has a good quality, really good quality (for short run), like Avia-199/99, Mustang B/C/Mk. III, Zlin Z-29 family, La-5FN. And other one is like this… nice prototypes, but overall quality is disappointing – Piper family, this one. This is only my opinion, don’t take it seriously 🙂 It any case, building scale models is fun!

  2. Looks great, Dmitry! I’m not familiar with this company. It is nice to see models produced from all over the world. Especially models of aircraft we don’t see here in the USA very often!

    Well done, amigo!

  3. Looks great !! I’ve managed to find and build four of the older KP kits. I found the decal quality quite good.

  4. Looks good Dmitry, well done.

  5. Real nice, Dmitry!! I did KP’s Mig-19 awhile back, thought it was a decent kit.

  6. Unusual little aeroplane there, Dmitry…never seen one before.

  7. I’d call it cute, if that’s the correct word to describe an aeroplane.

  8. Nicely done Dmitry, small but as stated above quite cute.

  9. A nice finish on the diminutive kit! I’ve got a bunch of KP kits in my stash but don’t think I’ve built any yet…

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