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One Hundred Years of The RAFInventory now up and running in 'Groups' Section!

December 17, 2017 · in Aviation · 71 · 2.1K

Next year on April 1st, as many of you will know, the Royal Air Force is 100 years old.

I thought that this might be something we could commemorate here on iModeler.

It is a rich history:

Knowing that The Year of the Cat group build will be wrapped up by then, and that the Kasserine Pass group build will be deep into its reveal period, I wondered if there would be any interest in a new Group build based on the history of the RAF.

There are lots of ways it could be done - I would be happy to be (part of) the admin for the group (a few more experienced buddies would be warmly welcomed too).

Please reply if interested, and with the permission of the imodeler editorial group I'll think up a few suitably loose guidelines.

Initial suggestion: start date 1st April 2018 (100th Birthday), reveal date 15th September (Battle of Britain Day) - build anything RAF - hopefully across the whole 100 years, trying not to double up on individual aircraft (e.g. not 25 versions of Douglas Bader's Hurricane - but as many different RAF Hurricanes as people see fit), and write a little history at the point of the reveal.

What better reason to have a go at your new Airfix Walrus, or to dig out that vintage Matchbox spitfire from your stash?

Hope it flies,


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  1. Count me in. I have a New Years resolution to built the random model of the month award that I won here. It's the Airfix 1/48 Defiant. Also the soon to build pile includes a Tamiya 1/48 Mosquito and a few Spits and Hurricane planes. Who knows what else ? I'm in.

  2. Thank you for the initiative, Paul - this is a very good reason for a group build 🙂

  3. I 'm in , probably do more than one in fact, but lets try not to have too many of each, eh? Hurricane, Spit , Lanc etc will get baggsied pretty quick but there is a mountain of subjects to go for...
    Great idea Paul.

    • I suppose Fleet air arm is not included as that's really R.N. isn't it?

      • Hello Neil I've just been having that conversation with Boris! FAA status has changed over time - I thought when considering this possible GB we should include it. It has been described as an 'organisational unit' of the RAF and is obviously part of the RN. It is also technically not 100 years old - so it could be excluded for that reason. My gut is that we should stick to RAF - but as I alluded to with the Walrus mention previously, if someone is keen we probably shouldn't stop them! I'm happy to listen to all opinions!

        On the other point - I agree it would be better if we tried to span the 100 years with the weird and wonderful as opposed to a ton of 'BoB memorial flight' - if this takes off I'll run an inventory - people are generally pretty good about stepping on each others toes. I'd like people to get into the spirit of '100' years and not solely 39-45.

        Glad you're in!

  4. I don't have an "appropriate" example in my meager 'stash' (if you can call it that)...may I assume one can include those models already completed ? 🙁

    • Absolutely Craig - the aim for me would be to get as many builds posted as possible - old or new - especially those covering the length and breadth of the RAF. There might even be an 'old' and a 'new' area (again with the permission of the iM team). It is the historical part and the 'commemoration' that I am most interested in.

    • You can always put a RAF Phantom on your Christmas list!

  5. In terms of what is 'in' and 'out' we could let the RAF decide - on this page the menu on the left 'aircraft of the RAF' might well be our referee!

  6. Coincidence, I just posted a 1:48 spitfire and I was thinking of recovering an old one in 1:24 to make a diorama of the crashed plane on the landing.

    if you put it in motion I sign up.


  7. What about WW2 Lend Lease aircraft ?

    Also if the FAA planes are included with this it would open up some more possibilities. I definitely want to include the Defiant but I don't want to take choices from others. I have quite a few kits that would fit this category well. If multiple builds of the same type of A/C are encouraged that is another way more people may become interested in joining. We had a bunch of F4F Wildcats and several TBD Devastator planes built during our Midway GB and it was a hit. Thanks for posting this. I think it would really be a good one too.

    • I just noticed that the website link has several Lend Lease planes listed. Some of the others I had thought about were flown by the FAA. It's your party and whatever you decide to do is good with me. Count me in... I'll try my best not to step on anyone's toes. Just here to help promote a friendly modeling environment.

  8. Louis, good points - I agree with you - people should build what they want within the spirit of the 100 years of the RAF. If someone has a Hurricane in their stash - that's their plane - it is there because they like Hurricanes, regardless of whether we have more versions in the build! If you love a certain plane you/it clearly shouldn't be excluded. My secret personal wish is also that those with a love of the 'paths less trodden' build outside of 39-45 too.

    Lend-lease? If it has roundels on it, it counts. That agreement for me is a very important part of the history. It started at the point of US neutrality so by definition each plane was an RAF plane. Enough planes flew over Europe in US livery for that to be a clear definition for this build. If the US contingent on iM chose lend-lease planes it would actually be quite fitting.

    As to the RAF website, its like the dictionary you choose for a game of scrabble, it is a bit arbitrary. Honestly if people want to build FAA so be it - it is arguable. If someone is a 'purist' and doesn't want to build FAA that's their call. Some people may get hot under the collar over this - the RAF have been accused of trying to take control of the FAA - it is an argument that still runs. I think it just needs drawing back to the fact that people model for different reasons, but that the thread that runs through it all is enjoyment!

    Great talking point Louis - keep 'em coming! I am not the expert here, just the spark!

  9. Can we use it if we're also using it for another GB. I'm almost ready with a Wildcat and Panther for Year of the Cat but I was also going to include a 74sq Lightning F.1. Would I be allowed to use it here as well?

    • Josh my friend, please feel free to post your build wherever you choose. As long as you have a great time building your planes is all I care about. Have fun and build something. Post it here on Imodeler is all I ask ... 🙂

  10. Hello Josh, I can't see a problem as this is a commemoration and we will be open to previous builds, as well as builds specifically planned for the 100 year anniversary. I think that call ultimately lies with Louis as YOTC is his baby. I'd guess 'as well as' is ok (especially as there is an EEL involved!).

    • Well, I do have a Spitfire I've never posted and a Landcaster nearly done and I've been itching to start my TSR2 for a while! (Not to mention a Lightning T.5 in the works.)

    • No problems with this. As long as our fellow model building buddies are building something and having fun with this, I don't care where they decide to post. As long as they post something and have a good time is all I hope for.

  11. Excellent idea - I would go for Keith Parks Hurricane 'OK1'
    I think lend lease aircraft should be allowed.
    Open minded about FAA types.
    Good suggestion Paul.

    • Excellent choice David and thanks for the opinions - I agree totally about lend-lease and see no harm in FAA if people are drawn that way. Others may disagree!

  12. Hmmmm, Sabre MkIV? I have had a itch to build a Sabre lately...

  13. I'm sure I could get to another something RAF by Sept - count me in!

  14. My Spit is just waiting for opening the box.

  15. I’m in with an Airfix HP Victor. Anti-flash white!

  16. Cold-war era bombers are exactly in the spirit of this GB John! Would love to see this done! Perfect choice!

  17. I don't know what to build yet, but I'll have a go at it.

  18. Excellent Robert - I don't know what to build yet either! So far a great mix of subjects is shaping up - whatever you choose will be great!

  19. I have a few other kits in the stash that would fit the GB perfectly. A Monogram Hawker Harrier, Lindbergh SE-5A, "Lifelike " Bristol Bulldog and Hawker Fury biplane kits just to name a few. I'm not going to claim these for building but have posted them to possibly inspire others. This is a great idea for a new GB subject. Looking forward to seeing this one start.

  20. The SE5a was a 1918 aircraft Louis - good idea for the earliest days of the RAF.

    • I have a 1/32 scale Sopwith Camel and a Nieuport 17 in RAF markings. Plus a few Korean War planes like the Hawker Sea Fury and Fairy Barracuda. Lots of great choices for sure ... what a great idea for the GB. I'm excited !

      • Thanks Louis - it sounds like you could commemorate 100 years comfortably with your own estimable stash! It would be great to cover every decade/era of the RAF, some of these suggestions are perfect!

        • From the responses you have gathered so far, it seems like you may very well get your wish of having each era of the RAF well represented. I am looking forward to the "launch" date... Please keep us posted.

          • Hi Louis I am thinking through the overall look of the thing and will have something out pre-christmas for the itinerary to take shape. It looks very hopeful so far - I think the era between the wars will be the least well populated - but as I said to Greg, I am looking into it!

  21. Fantastic idea Paul. As a RAF fan myself and allready watching the 2018 calender with lots of 100 year RAF events popping up, I'm in for this GB for sure. Still lots of RAF kits in my stash and I will do my best to find a more obscure subject. Let's fly this GB!

  22. Beyond pleased you are up for it Ferry, your builds are great - can't wait to see what you come up with!

  23. Paul not sure what I'll do but I've something in the stash that I'm sure will work. So count me in.

  24. Excellent news Tom, I'm a big fan of your builds - whatever it is - it will be great!

  25. Good one Paul, lots of RAF stuff in my stash, even if I didn't do something new I have several done already !

  26. Good show Paul, I will definitely contribute in honor of the Royal Air Force, the Lancaster has been bandied about already though I have had one in progress for a few years, this will be a great motivational factor to complete it finally. I've been itching to build the Revell Typhoon in 48th scale. I'm in for sure as there are so many choices and I have quite a few RAF subjects in the stash.

  27. Great stuff Chuck if it gets you over the line with the Lanc that'd be brilliant - but I am very confident that whatever you contribute will be excellent. Thanks for joining in!

  28. What about Dominion squadrons that formed up in the UK during WW2 and operated under RAF control? Lots of interesting Bomber Command and Coastal Command units in that category. I have a few of those subjects that I’ve wanted to do in the near future.

  29. Hey Paul my real interest in RAF history is the post war era sort of 1945 to mid 70's, I already have a prototype Meteor and the Gloster Pioneer and a Venom and Vampire combo so will do something along that line ,another twin boomer or a Gloster Javelin, not sure yet but I will be there.

  30. I’m definitely in with a Cold War jet or two, should be another great group build

  31. I just took down my Tamiya 1/48 string bag and was looking at it. Now it too has found its way to the build pile. The Swordfish isn't something that you see built up too often but it was a very important plane that bridged the gap between types. I know that the FAA operated them, not too sure about the RAF though. I'll have to do some research work on that, but like you said it has roundels on it ... 🙂

  32. Louis, that's a really interesting one - I know from my recent reading, when considering the FAA/RAF conundrum, that the FAA operated Swordfish in the mid-30s when it was still officially part of the RAF! So it is a key historical aircraft and period! However the 'roundels' maxim still applies if you decide to use it for the GB in another way. As you said - fun is the thing!

  33. Oops! At some point I'll reply in the reply box and not to the thread - I think I just get excited!

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