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I'm a science educator, a Brit from London living in Queensland, Australia, with my wife and 2 sons. Dad taught me about WW2. He was 13 at the start of the war in Europe and made it into the Merchant Navy in '43. My uncle Artie was on HMS Ark Royal for the hunting of The Bismarck and when she was torpedoed herself in '41. Both outlasted the war. I built models with my dad in the mid-70s and early 80s. I finally made it back to the hobby in 2016. My 5-year-old has just built his first model - a Red Arrows Hawk. The cycle continues!

On This Day: Battle of Midway 80th Anniversary, SBD-2 Dauntless, Academy 1/48

On this day, 80 years ago World War 2 turned thanks to the bravery of the aviators of the Pacific Fleet. 80 years ago today The Battle of Midway, which would reverse the fortunes of those at Pearl Harbor, began. The SBD-2 dive bomber [...]

Seafire Mk III, Special Hobby, 1/48: last dogfight of the World War 2 'First and Last' Project.

This is my third build on the theme of 'First and Last'. This ‘First and Last’ build features the last day of the second world war, the 15 of August 1945, and the last recorded dogfight in the Pacific theatre. It is an oft told story, [...]

Matilda Tank 'Red Army' Tamiya 1/35 'First and Last' Project

In June 1941, as all on here will know, Germany declared war on Russia commencing its invasion under the codename 'Operation Barbarossa'. According to encyclopaedia Britannica: "The invasion of the Soviet Union was originally given [...]

Junkers EF 126, Das Werk 1/32, 'First and Last' Project

After the 'Flight 19' lost Avengers project, a mini-group build instigated by our absent but not forgotten friend David Leigh-Smith, the small group of friends who had participated decided we might use the title of Adolf Galland's book and [...]

Pearl Harbour 80th Anniversary. AgakiHasegawa 1/700

I am posting this article at 8am, December 7th, Honolulu time. Exactly 80 years on from the moment of the first wave of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour in 1941. The aircraft carrier Agaki was Vice Admiral Chūichi Nagumo's flagship [...]

The Wingnuts Lanc is happening!

Border Models of China are putting out the WNW Lanc! I’ll let the pics do the talking. Anyone got the Handley Page 0 series molds!?

It’s a Mk1a Spitfire!

For anyone awaiting the news from Kotare Models (the old Wingnuts crew) - here it is: Fittingly announced on Battle of Britain Day - a 1/32 Mk1a Spitfire! Not a World War 1 Subject and not a WNW hangover! Equally fittingly the box art [...]

Kotare Modelslet the speculation begin!

Announced on FB earlier. The Wingnut wings gang ride again! Get your piggy banks ready! And pray for that Lanc in 1/32! Or perhaps the ‘Spad’ we all really wanted WNW to deliver! (Yes, I know I’m speaking for myself). The news as [...]

Armchair Airshow Biggin Hill

Given the state of affairs with CV19, Biggin Hill have just released footage of this year's 'Armchair Airshow'. Something for everyone here - B17s to Hellenic F-16 display teams, and much more. Enjoy! [...]


If this is true it’s a bombshell!