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Doctor Who: Zygons 28mm

these small bundle of red hostility are from Warlord games into the Time Vortex game. I have been a fan of since a kid and its awesome that we are seeing a growing amount of figures from the Sci-Fi show. These are 28mm or 1.1 inch so not overly big. Most wargame scales are small ones so there is more space to scale on the tabletop.

Zygons are largely Red or orange depending so this figure was done with a lot of washes after the base red was done to try and bring out the detail and not just be red. Was a fun break in between doing my Bandai Y-Wing.

3 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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  1. Great to see these figures Aaron! Nice work - always good to see what else is out there!

  2. Not my forte, so I'm unfamiliar with these figures...I assume one employs them in something akin to chess...? (forgive my ignorance). 🙁
    BTW, good lookin' base given the size.

    • Yes Craig there is a big wargaming movement. Which has been good for modelling as well. There have been a few that found modelling through wargaming as most have unpainted figures and vehicles. They start there and some have moved to traditional modelling. Wargaming has been a excellent entry level hobby for kids as well. There are ones on big movies like Star Trek, Star Wars, but one of the best out there is Bolt Action which is a WW2 game. Has a lot of figures from early to late war. As well as a big variety in nationality troops and vehicles. Bolt Action is 1/56th I think for its scale. It involves a lot of rules based on unit, weapons, movement rates, armour (on vehicles) and so on. Played on a 6 x 4 tables you can have a lot of troops and vehicles doing stuff. Some of the WW2 tables are beautiful to look at. roads, trees, buildings one massive diorama. But yes you are correct in concept it is the same as chess. there are pieces, each piece has a role and its all about luck and strategy.

      Not the smallest guys I have worked on (1/72 pilots are still that for me) but these guys are not massive for sure.

  3. Do they have Sea Devils - those guys scared the bejeebers out of me as a kid.

  4. Aaron, fascinating! I don't know anything about these. so it's an education for me. Thanks. Boy, red and ugly! Look like Predator.

    • lol they are big red and ugly. Considering the original costumes were from 1975 they were one of the more elaborate but also better costumes. They never had a huge budget and some could tell. Zygons were pretty cool for the era.

  5. I've heard the name "Zygon" but I know nothing more about them OR Dr. Who ... other than it's VERY popular in Britain, and now here in the USA & other places.

    Very scary! Looks great, AAron.

  6. Aaron, looking on google, there's an amazing Airfix Dalek kit (A50007) that is a detailed cross section in resin. Looks brilliant.

  7. I remember the original daleks from when I was a kid, they were really scary at the time, now they’re just funny. These red things look great.

    • I think the problem with Daleks is twofold. Jon Pertwee said they were always funny because he could see the actors sitting in them smoking and the early ones rattled. But hesaid it was vital for the Doctor to be afraid of them. Kids wouldn't be afraid if the Doctor wasn't. In new Who the Doctor and Companions have been less afraid. Being less afraid makes them more like Pepper Pots. The other thing is new Who Daleks have been more angst than hate. Old Daleks would let you beg for your life then kill your family in front of you just because they could. Their hate and power was tangible. They were excellent because they were horrific.

  8. P.S. Dr Who always had great “assistants”, who is your favourite?

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