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iModeler tutorial – Editing comments

February 16, 2018 · in How-to · · 23 · 1.7K

Posting a reply or comment on iModeler is a easy enough, but what happens if you made a typo and want to correct it? Or maybe even regret posting your comment in the first place?

Don't worry, we have you covered. Comments and replies on iModeler may be freely edited by their authors to facilitate any corrections that may be necessary. The author of the comment has also the authority to delete it at any time.

Content-wise, comments offer the same capabilities as articles, which includes adding pictures to comments.

Check the following images to see how it works and if you want to give it a try, just add your comment to this post!


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  1. I just have to try this out !

    Standing next to an Avenger

    and a P-40B, which actually survived the attack on Pearl Harbor. I took a lot of pictures on these two...

    one of my full sized auto restorations: a Plymouth Duster with a 340 and a 4 speed. Here it's on my rotisserie.

    The same car is now painted in the background. The engine (sitting in the foreground) has been run on the test stand I built and is ready for installation.

    One of my previous restorations. A 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T. It's painted back in it's original color of "Plum Crazy" purple...

    It's a resto mod with a "Stroker" 440 engine and a six speed manual transmission. I did the work for a friend who owns the car.

    I just added a new kit to the stash.

    And went back to edit the original posting.

    This new function works great !

    Man oh man !

  2. Thanks for all updates, Martin. One thing I´d like to do (but can´t yet?) is to be able to start an article and keep it unfinished till I publish it. Possible?

    • Hi Stellan. I would say it is in the pipeline, it is easy to find oneself frantically correcting the typos that you discover only after the article is posted... but I'm afraid that we have a number of other features to prioritize before that

  3. Way to go, Louis.

    My name's David...

    And I like Christmas...




    And tank slippers...

    Oh, come on, you all want a pair.

  4. Great news, Martin...I shall look forward to this new "functionality" with keen interest. Thank you!

  5. David, you kill me...LOL, I will take a pair of Spitfire Slippers if you have any.

  6. Marc, if I had a pair of spitfire slippers I'd send them to you in appreciation of your simply amazing 'Porter' - best piece of modeling I've seen in an age.

  7. Lets try this. Year of the cat, meow!

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  8. Did someone say "cats"...? When I spotted her up there, I didn't question how she'd managed it without disturbing anything - nor did I try to get her down (for the same reason). I just turned and walked away. Shortly thereafter, she quietly appeared. Whew!

  9. Great, I can correct my spelling mistooks now. Thank you to the iModeler team.

    And just to see how to post an image, here's one of my dog as a puppy.
    (The box is the cat link).

  10. Great news, can I now go back and correct my posts made under the previous version?

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  11. Martin, can we have the function back where you can see the avatars of members who 'liked' an article? It was really useful in seeing other like minded iModelers and a way of looking up people who had common interests.

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