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Kasserine Pass-Tunisia GB Update

Well, it has been about 4 months since we started the Kasserine Pass Group Build (, and the Group has been graced by some remarkable work-in-progress threads, by some remarkable modelers. The purpose of this headline is to call attention to them, to the opening of the reveal which stands at a little more than a week away, and to tweak the parameters of the GB itself.

As far as the individual efforts, I have been deeply gratified by all the contributions, including some multiple entries by individual modelers. Their work will speak for itself at the proper time (and can be accessed in the link posted above), but for now permit me to say that the spirit of the GB itself is well-represented by modelers from across the globe offering replicas of war materiel from essentially all players in the North Africa campaign at the time--Americans, British, French, Germans, and Italians (in alphabetical order). We have various aircraft, armor, and ocean-going craft, as well as service vehicles. The group build has met and exceeded my expectations regarding the variety of options it offers to its participants as it commemorates this significant episode of WW2 on its 75th anniversary.

The Battle of Kasserine Pass took place February 19-25, 1943. It was a crushing tactical defeat for the United States, but since the strategic situation had already shifted the Germans could not capitalize on their victory; it was a crossroads battle between the earlier North African Campaign and the conclusion in Tunisia in May, 1943, which saw the final defeat of the Afrika Korps. Because of the interest in background, and the lack of any prior North Africa Group Build, I would like to expand the parameters of this group. We will now welcome any entry pertaining to the conflict in North Africa during World War 2 which leads up to our originally framed time period (Western Desert and Torch Campaigns). This expansion should allow even more variety in respect to the differing combatants and their weaponry.

Currently the Kasserine Pass Group Build consists of 37 members, most of them actively building and, as previously stated, some with several presentations. We welcome all newcomers who may have either not been fully aware of the group, found the previous historical parameters too restrictive, or simply have a build in mind that piques their interest from an earlier episode in this larger conflict.

The soft close of the group build is June 1, 2018.

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  1. Thanks for the update (and the "amendment") - I like that photo, too. 🙂

  2. Thanks for putting this together David, for me it was a lot of fun. And that's the reason I returned to building models, fun, an for the pure enjoyment of building some historical items for my miniature museum. And I always appreciate a little incentive to motivate me to start building things from my stash rather than adding to it. Love the pic especially the shadow of the photographer seen bottom right. Now lets see, I have an old Revell P-40E and a Eduard P-39 that may fit the bill.

  3. Thanks, Craig and Tom. Your contributions are important and really add to the whole. The more, the merrier!

  4. Great reminder, David! Thanks! That's a wonderful picture as well - such an interesting subject doing something a wee bit different than the standard "Parked, With Engine Off/On" or "In Flight" photos we usually see. I am actually planning to finish my Crusader Mk III but I'm having trouble locating 3 or 4 parts. I may have to scratchbuild them (which I'm new at) but I'm having trouble finding photos detailed enough for reference.

    I REALLY like the photo!

  5. Is it possible to join the GB with finished models or do they have to be unbuilt?

    • Stellan, I see no issue with you posting pics and info on a previous build. It might be a courtesy to mark them as such. I've seen some builds that would be perfect for this group and would love to have them included. The goal is socializing, showing off our stuff, and telling the story, and all that can be accomplished with previous builds, as far as I am concerned.

  6. I should have my Mustang ready for 25 February, David.

  7. My grandfather as there. Wish I had something to add. I love these group builds!

  8. Thanks for adding the ability to include Operation Torch as well as the rest of the African Campaign to this wonderful GB.

    Several weeks ago I stumbled across a set of decals in the stash for a Vichy French marked Curtiss P-36. After doing some research, it looks like they were only operated in these markings against the US Navy for about 2 days following the Torch landings.

    I have been wanting to build the two 1/48 scale Hobbycraft P-36 kits I have in the stash for a while, and this will be the perfect opportunity to do this. I can build one as the Vichy machine, and the other as a natural metal finished US Army plane, possibly even one from Pearl Harbor.

    But first I need to finish the FW-190's along with the early Sherman and DAK Panzer III.

    I love these Group Builds too !

  9. Thanks David, got a P-40 from Torch I can share.

  10. Sorry to be so far behind on this one! I've just about finished my G.91 for my club group build (also late...), and still working on the Privateer, but intend to tackle the Hurricane as soon as the G.91 is mounted on its stand!

  11. Thanks for the update David. Still working on the Stuka and MC202 and will post updates shortly. Trailing behind in the GB's but the closing date gives time to get things done.
    It's great to be part of it!

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