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Me262 V3 prototype (HighPlane 1/72)

February 28, 2018 · in Aviation · · 11 · 2.1K

Terrible kit.
Painted with Gunze and Tamiya acrylics.

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  1. For a "terrible kit", it doesn't look like it turned out TOO bad.

  2. Looks good to me, I attempted to convert the ancient Airfix offereing to one of these,nice work.

  3. Very impressive - talent overcame adversity.

  4. Looks pretty good, what's so terrible about it?

    • The kit is all flash , you'll spending more time trying to find the piece and than cleaning it than actually building it. The instructions is a joke. It comes with parts to make any of the 3 prototypes, but it is up to you to find out which part is for which version. The plastic is so weird, I was trying to re-scribe some panel lines lost during the building and than the plastic started to flake off. At the end I needed to find a compromise where to fix the lines or not. You can note this in the wings close to the ailerons.

      This kit I "won" in our club Christmas Kris Kringle, we call it build a b***h. The idea is to wrap up your least loved kit (the b***h) and put in on the table. Than everyone will pick a kit (randomly) and you have two months (our first meeting of the year is held in February) to bring that kit built, after a people's choice, the modeller winner will be exempt to pay the club annual fee as a reward. This kit I got it in Christmas 2014 and after starting it was left in the shelf of doom until I picked it up again late last year to finish it. That's the story!


  5. Great job, Pedro ! I like what you have done here. The camo is wonderful.

    These prototype 262s without the nose wheel always look very odd to me - probably because I saw the production version first. The story behind the change from "tail dragger" to tricycle configuration is very interesting. Well done, Amigo !

  6. Have to agree, talent overcome adversity. Paulo you’ve made a fine model of rarely seen version of the 262; and even more rare kit. Thanks for sharing

  7. I love a Schwalbe (assuming, correctly, I think, that the bird you built is a fighter version). This is great to see, Paulo. I have the Trumpeter 1/32 that I HAVE to build. someday...

  8. Thanks all for the kind words.

  9. I have always wondered why we see so many Tamyia Mustangs and so few High-Planes 262-prototypes, here I finally have the explanation 🙂 !

    Jokes aside, I came close to finishing mine but lost my patience and scrapped it when the decals failed: Link to my build on Aeroscale



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