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Nose Art Group build - update

February 27, 2018 · in Uncategorized · · 10 · 1.9K

Just a friendly reminder that the will officially start in a few days on March 1st. It's open to all iModeler members and covers pretty much everything - any era, any scale; aviation, automotive, armor or naval subjects. Rules of engagement are here:

I think there's something for just about everyone in this build. As usual, comments, additions or suggestions are welcome.

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  1. Thanks again for starting this Group Build. I'm getting ready for this one and picked up another kit to build.

    This is the new Tamiya Korean War M-4A3 "Easy Eight ". My dad served in this type of tank and the M-26 / M-46 series when he was in Korea.

    I want to build it as a tribute to my Dad. He was in several different units, one of which was the 6th Medium Tank Battalion. He said that they never had Cat faces painted on their tanks though.

    Here's a few pictures of the new kit that I found online.

    I hope that mine turns out similar to this one.

    The box art.

    I'll do a kit review on this one first, and then start the building.

    Thanks again buddy !

  2. Hi, Louis...does that Tamiya kit have that decal in it or do ya have to paint it on? Either way, looks to be a rather daunting task no matter how ya do it. 🙁

  3. Honestly Craig I don't know just yet. It's still wrapped up with the shrink wrap. I'll know soon though and I'll let you know.

  4. Really nice Sherman kit, Louis. Will you do that version with the artwork or one more like your Dad's? Either way it'll be a stand-out.

    • That's a good question Jeff...
      I want to build one with the huge face on the front slope as part of the "Nose Art" GB, yet part of me wants to build it up as a theoretical tank serving with a unit that my Dad served with.

      I don't know exactly what number tank he served in, as he was in many different tanks ( and several different units while over there, plus he told me that they were often "attached" to various UN forces (US Marines included) wherever they were needed the most.

      Dad told me that he was in four separate tanks that were "Knocked out" as he put it. They were all damaged in one way or another. He told me about one he was in that ran over a land mine and it blew the track and some road wheels off on one side. He had another tank that was damaged when a North Korean or Chinese soldier placed a satchel charge on the rear deck. I'm pretty sure this one was a Sherman tank and it happened in or near Seoul. He also told me about one getting hit my incoming 122 MM mortar fire, that rendered the tank inoperable. He never mentioned too much about the last tank and what happened to it. All he said is that they lost that one to a T-34...

      I have two of the much older Dragon / DML Sherman's that have the same markings as this one "Rice's Red Devils", so I'm kind of up in the air at the moment. I may even do the "Iron Werks" thing and build a few Sherman's at once. That way I could cover all bases...

      Thanks for asking.

  5. I haven't picked one yet but planning on it. I thought I might post the Privateer, but I want to stay true to the rules, and although not finished yet, I did start her last year... I think I've got time to find a fresh build and get her done.

  6. Greg and Allen - builds in progress are just fine for this group. I should have specified a little better. The intention was to not have already completed models, which would sort of defeat the purpose of the build part of the exercise. As long as it it isn't finished or in progress, go for it!

    I'll edit the rules on the group site so there's no more confusion.

  7. I'm still going for a racing car, quite likely a Porsche or BMW as they have had lots of special liveries over the years, just got to find the right kit and decal set.

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