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Spitfire Mk. Vb Jan Zumbach’s EN951 1:32 Hobby Boss, Eduard

February 6, 2018 · in Aviation · · 24 · 3.7K

RFD EN951 of Jana Zumbach.

For cockpit and flaps Eduard photoetches were used. Poor rubber wheels from kit were replaced with Eduard
s resin. Cockpit door and horizontal stabilizers are from Quickboos. Spinner is piece of art done by Department of Correction. And finally RB Model’s turned barrels were glued to wing.

From myself I’ve added armor glass to windscreen and high mirror specific for EN951.

Apparently 1:32 scale is too big for my shadowless tent ?

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  1. Absolutely beautiful Adam - the photo etch has worked out really well. Some of the detail is brilliant - the wheels are sensational - the panel on the cowl slightly out of alignment with some chipping - very realistic.

    Can I ask how many lights you use with your tent?

  2. Glad to see this Spitfire on the headlines where it deserves to be. Fabulous project, if this were ny build I'd be very, very pleased!

  3. Hi. Thanks mates. Here's the simple photo studio I use.

  4. Hello Adam,
    Master modeler. I checked it already a dew times, but the finish is unbelievable real in appearance. My highest compliments.
    Regards, Dirk / The Netherlands.

  5. Nice one! Well done, Adam!

  6. OK, it's a beautiful Spitfire and in 1/32 scale, it must take pride of place in your display. The Department of Correction sounds like an interesting place?

  7. It's all been said already and I agree with all of it...I love it! 🙂

  8. Beautifully done, Adam!

  9. Beauty of a Spit! Looking forward to building one myself and yours is very well done. The sheet metal in front of the cockpit looks like real metal that has been taken on/off a 100 times, just awesome.

  10. I'd really enjoy a how-to on setting up a photo booth similar to yours. We all are proud of our builds and your product shots are very clean and color correct.

  11. Wow! One beautiful Spit.

  12. Excellent finish. You have really shrank the real Spitfire to 1/32. Master class attention to details!

  13. Thank You all for so positive feedback 🙂 Fuel tank armor some of You mentioned is piece of copper sheet cut to shape and riveted.

  14. Adam, I've just had a closer look at your gorgeous Spitfire. I think this is beautiful piece of art.

  15. Excellent! You've really succeeded in getting it all together, the build, the paintjob, the decals and the weathering. Very nice sheen on the model too.

  16. Your work on this is so good you made me forget that no matter how good the work, it's still Hobby Boss's Spitfire. No, really, seriously, it's good. To be as good as it is it has to be twice as good as any other Spitfire kit - and it is! It's actually great.

  17. Thank You all for so nice comments 🙂 To be clear - only little stencils and the Donald Duck are decals. Rest of markings were painted with masks.

  18. Another precious spit is that it was one of the most beautiful and effective aircraft of the Second World War.
    Great job


  19. Thank You all once again 🙂 I didn't expected so many warm words.

  20. Great job, I love the weathering, especially on the propeller

  21. Beautiful build! I especially like your definitive yet subtle weathering.

  22. Thank You 🙂

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