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Help needed from Uncle Sam

March 31, 2018 · in Uncategorized · 23 Comments

I know this is a bit off subject (a bit !) , I have a good friend ,a Limey like myself ,however he is currently residing in the U.S. of A ,Texas to be accurate and has brought me a couple exotic treats on his latest return home, trouble is I have no idea what to do with these culinary delights...
Any suggestion gratefully received.
P.S. I will of course take this of after a couple of days.

23 responses

  1. Throw them in the bin (tasteless except when flooded in butter/salt).

  2. Mmmmm Butter and Salt...

  3. The tinned stuff looks like sweetcorn the other stuff looks like Porridge but when and how to serve them is what I want to know.

    • Definitely traditional Southern breakfast dishes, but also used instead of potatoes or rice by preference. I seem to recall grits are just simmered in water/milk (?) like a porridge and the hominy is just heated through I think.

      Kidding aside, they don’t taste of much as they were a poor man’s meal. It’s been decades since I ate any, so may be a little “off” and you may yet find a Grits Champion to put you right.

  4. some parts of the States, those are consumed every day! Girts with butter and sugar are kind of like oatmeal in the morning. Of course I like them with Shrimp and roux. Hominy, strain the can and put it in a frying pan with butter and heat on medium. Salt and pepper to taste, stirring to slightly brown. Thank of lightly roasted corn. 🙂

  5. The first time I encountered Grits was in the mess hall at Ft. Gordon, Ga. One of my companions from Basic took some, thinking it was Cream of Wheat. he put syrup on it, and the Southern boys all looked at him incredulously, and asked what the h=ll he was doing? "Thems Grits!" Huh? They explained to him that one put butter and salt and pepper on it, or this reddish gravy concocted from the butt end of a ham. Recently, there was a show on about Hillbillys, a pejorative for Southerners, narrated by (ahem) Billy Joe Cyrus. They addressed Grits, and the guy that talked about it said that you didn't eat Grits alone, but mixed it with eggs, bacon, etc. He opined that only "a starving dog" would eat them plain. You prepare Grits like oatmeal.(I have the instant variety, takes 5 minutes) Both it and Hominy are corn. My Mom used to fix it, you heat it and eat it with (again) butter, salt and pepper. Corn without the cob.

    In conclusion, Yee-hah, y'all!

  6. Cheers Bernard ,I'll try them both out.

  7. Add some cheese to the grits. And, as has been stated, eat with eggs and bacon - or ham.

  8. Bein' a "yankee" from New England, when I eat grits, I put sugar on 'em like ya would a hot cereal...drives those rednecks nuts! 🙂

  9. Sprinkle cocoa on grits (gris here) FTW

  10. I enjoy grits with a bit of butter and salt as a side to scrambled eggs with a spot of Tabasco. They’re also good as dinner with some sautéed shrimp and some collard greens on the side. Shrimp n’ Grits is a favorite in the coastal South. In fact, Jekyl Island, Ga. holds a Shrimp n’ Grits Festival every September. It’s a great time in a great place.
    Heat the drained hominy up in a pan with some butter. Hominy is also used in a Mexican soup in the southwest.

  11. Grits ,with butter and pepper. Being a New Yorker my first taste of grits was in boot camp in sunny Florida.

  12. Neil, feed it to the duck's !

  13. Looks suitable for surfacing the road.

  14. all hillbilly staples are pretty boring and a lot of them don't like grits...they tend to love bean soup,cooked cabbage, oatmeal,cream of wheat, grits, baloney and hot dogs,chicken and dumplings but very little meat,nasty greens collard, mustard, kale and turnip greens,peanut butter, and macaroni and cheese is huge,biscuits white gravy,chipped beef,fresh vegetables...very plain boring foods that fill you up cheap and stick to your ribs...and don't let Craig fool you they put sugar on or in everything ;o)...i live in maryland and one time i went to work in Kentucky...after eating there for a week the waitress said "your not from around here are you" i said how do you know...she said "because you order hash browns and toast with your breakfast,people from around here eat either grits or biscuits and gravy on the side"...when they drink it's whiskey or bourbon ...they always drink water and sweet iced tea...the kids aren't raised on milk it's well wife was born in the Missouri boot heel...cotton country...she was out with her siblings in a cotton field at age Christmas no birthday not even an ice cream cone...but one fine lady so you might call me an expert...she's never had grits or chitlins either one...oh and hillbillies also come from Minnesota,California and New York State...anyone who lives on the rural route...but the culture is pretty much dead now taken over by drugs, Mcdonalds,cell phones and pizza...when you look at guys like vinegar Joe Stilwell and Claire Chennault you'll notice they are raw,thin and healthy yet they loved their you know why...that's what Americans looked like when i was a kid in the 50's...beans were the staple in the 1800''s also called soul food among blacks...i had a buddy from West Virginia who joined the Army in 1972...everybody was complaining about the food...he said he had never eaten that good in his life...just corn, potatoes, meat,applesauce,dessert etc...he was in "hog heaven"

    • Thanks Bob for taking the time to give such an interesting reply,I didn't mind the grits but the Hominy was not good, what are Chitlins by the way?.
      Cheers Neil.

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