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Nose art group build....

March 25, 2018 · in Aviation · · 12 · 1.9K

Inside the fuselage, it says, , Inc. Venice, Calif., Copyright 1954. No doubt a re-pop. I built it as a 12 year old (and still have it). I thought I'd give it another try. Actually, the box art got me again. The nose art group build seemed like an opportune time to get to it. I left more info in the group build section. If you haven't been there, take a look...

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  1. The phrase "...and oldie, but a goodie..." comes to mind, Joe. 🙂

  2. Always good to see the old classics come out of the closet and be brought back to life. Love the nose art, Joe!

  3. There;s no tool(ing) like an old tool(ing)...

  4. A blast from the past! Looks great. An early box scale kit,I built the Doolittle raider version eons ago.

  5. Nice work, I too remember that kit as a kid.

    Not a complaint, but rather a solution for all of us (me included) who run across kits where the clear parts don't fit to the rest of the model like they should - a problem one generally discovers to one's dismay at the end of the process, hence this solution: when you find gaps on the clear part after everything's been painted and such, take a pin and dip it in white glue, and run a glop of it around the offending gap. It dries and fills the gap and is invisible, so the gap disappears.

  6. Kits like this got a lot of us started. There is a rumor that Revell actually had a full sized B-25 they used to take measurements. Nice tip about closing the gaps on canopies with white glue. I've crazed a couple in my time, trying to get them to conform to the fuselage.

  7. Very nice! Love the Mitchell - my favorite twin of the WWII era.

  8. Good one, Joe! Can't go wrong with an Oldie and Moldie! Or is that Goldie?

    Anyway, Nice build of a classic.

  9. Great work, Joe, and a very worthy addition to this interesting group build.

  10. really nice job Joe! Great nose art example.

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