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Greetings friends

April 23, 2018 · in Aviation · 25 · 1.9K

Who knew the Battle was so big?;Only the mudguards to fit. I like RAF circa 1938 but this is a tough build

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  1. Bigger than a Blenheim

    1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  2. Welcome Mervyn, can't wait to see the full report on this build!

  3. Mervyn, welcome! Whose kit, and what scale? I've been hoping for Airfix to either do a new one in 72nd, or also upgrade to 48th. I still have their 72nd, but the wings are off, as is the nose. Nice rivets, though! For removing loose skin...

  4. Nice work! It does look big, and welcome.

  5. Welcome aboard, sir...excuse my ignorance, but what IS that...?

  6. Why it's a Fairey Battle of course, the question is what's the scale.

  7. Excuse my mistakes, getting used to the forum

  8. Mervyn, welcome onboard at iModeler and thanks for the excellent first post. The Fairey Battle is one of these planes we don't see built very often, which is a bit of a shame. I wasn't aware it was THAT big compared to other aircraft. And that greenhouse canopy must have been a tedious paint job!

    • yes I had to cut out the masks hoping the blade would not pierce the canopy. I still can't quite figure how the mudguards go on, certainly not as per the instructions!

  9. Lovely Battle - I've got a 1/72 in the stash waiting for the right moment...

    And welcome aboard!

  10. Welcome and a very nice looking model

  11. Yep, very nice looking model...of a damned ugly aircraft.

  12. If they did 1/24 you could use the thing as a greenhouse...

    Personal tastes aside, Mervyn, you've done a great job!

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