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I started modelling in 1962, I couldn't wait for my brother to get home from school! We started with the old Eaglewall 1/96 aircraft, how they found their way to Matson, Gloucester I can't imagine, but they did! My dear Mother worked at the Gloster Aircraft Company in the canteen, she told me the Gladiator test pilots were so handsome, and her only 13! She was there when the Luftwaffe bombed it in 1940. Dad worked there later on the Gloster Javelin. I was too young to build the Eaglewall kits, my brother built them for me, a short time later we discovered Airfix, so much bigger at 1/72! Revell and Frog were less common as I recall, and we once came across the Lindbergh line Spitfire and Me 109, his had no canopy, mine had two! It was 68 before we found the excellent Monogram 48th P 51 if memory serves. I built most of the Monogram big kits in the early 70s, what a revelation they were, so detailed compared to others at the time, especially the B 25 and P 61. I'm retired now, the boys grew up and my display kits lasted longer! They shot down all my Spitfires, the bad lads! The 109s were on a highr shelf! I'm certainly not a good modeller but I enjoy the hobby and I've been at it a long time.

Airfix 1/48 Spitfire 1

This is a nice kit of the Spitfire I, previously only available as a conversion. I also liked the now elderly Hasegawa I but that was in 1/72, so the release of the Airfix in 2006(?) was more than welcome. The early Spitfires with their 2 [...]

Pegasus 1/48 Hawker Hurricane

I love this kit! It's a snap fit but fits great and is very robust, the interior is pretty good and it's half the price of any other kit. The plastic is textured but on a matt finish it doesn't show, downside, landing lights are just [...]

Airfix 1/48 TSR 2

Sorry about the photo! I built it when it first came out, strangely the cockpit was better in the 1/72 kit, which had very good decals, not found in the 48 release. Closed up, with tinted windows, you can't see anything anyway. You gonna [...]

AMT Boeing B 52 conversion

I bought several of the AMT kits when they were released, they molded an early G, but not an early H. I decided to convert a late H to early, not so hard to do, slight remodelling of the nose and removal of ecm bumps here and there. The [...]

Monogram B-52C

I built this kit in 1980 as a camouflaged Vietnam aircraft, then decided to re-paint as the C model included on the old microscale sheet about ten years ago. Well recently it lost a few wheels so decided to repair it, picked it up and [...]

Classic Airframes 1/48 Bristol Blenheim I

I like this aircraft and have built it c1938. The kit however is challenging, it had an injection canopy which took some fitting, managed to get it on then realised I hadn't fitted several interior parts! Doh! The kit decals are excellent [...]

Greetings friends

Who knew the Battle was so big?;Only the mudguards to fit. I like RAF circa 1938 but this is a tough build