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On This Day…November 11th.

Twenty one Fairey Swordfish launch from the aircraft carrier HMS Illustrious for the raid on Taranto on 11th November, 1940.

…and one of the Swordfish that took place in the battle that ditched in Cefalu, Sicily.

A NCO briefing his men prior to an attack on a pocket of Russian resistance in Stalingrad, November 11th, 1942

November 11th, 1943. The flight deck of the USS Bunker Hill aircraft during an attack on Rabaul.

Ground crew extinguishing fire aboard the B-17 ‘Meat Hound’ of the 303rd Bomber Group, after its crash landing at Metfield, England, United Kingdom, 11 November, 1944.

US Navy pilot ‘Vern’ Higman landing on the USS Ticonderoga after a raid in the Philippine Islands, 11 Nov 1944. The Anti Aircraft damage on his Avenger (‘Round Trip Ticket’) shows exactly how lucky he was.


We will never forget…

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  1. Thank you, Jeff. As always I appreciate your support – thanks for the ‘like’.

  2. David, it seems that the swordfish has a black underside camouflage, or are my eyes mistaken? Great selection mate

    • Thanks Pedro. The Swordfish that took part in the Taranto raid were painted RAF ‘night’ on the undersides – or so I believe (need to get out more). ‘Night’ is a very dark blue verging on dark grey/black.

      The photo below doesn’t show the underside but I just like the drawing…

  3. If the last one doesn’t tug at ya….

  4. This is another excellent set of pictures David. What Robert said about that last one …………hit the nail on the head.

  5. Very nice David. And I agree with Robert and Louis, there was a price paid by all.

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