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The Milton Keynes Model Kraft Exhibition. April 22nd, 2018

April 22, 2018 · in Show Reports · · 33 · 2.6K

I just found out about this show a couple of days ago and so popped along this morning. Had a great time and snapped a few photos if you are interested...most are dioramas.

Reminiscent of Rob's recent 'End of the Line' build, but clearly this example is not quite as well realised.

The B-47 'Stratojet'.

I've toyed (pun definitely intended) with the idea of capturing this classic Sherman vs. tiger scene from the movie 'Kelly's Heroes' myself. I think this is terrific. The egg-tanks capture the humour of the movie.

Tigers everywhere...

Hawker Tempest being renovated. This is Airfix's 1/24 kit, which I have in the pile; just need one excuse to get it on the bench. One excuse...

I did say I'd try and stay away from the usual suspects, but when the skill is this good...

The B29 'Superfortress' is one of my favourite heavy bombers and one that's not actually represented much in model forums. Used to have a 72nd scale example hanging from my ceiling...This is a lovely diorama.

The first of two very simple dioramas from the movie, 'Jaws'. These got me thinking of the possibilities of 'partial' dioramas.

And the other..

A lesser man than me might say something like, 'at least a couple of good reasons to include this lovely vintage bomb'.

The Lotus 72 driven by Emerson Fittipaldi in the 1972 Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix.

Here are a lovely little collection of 'egg planes', I need to get myself some of these.

Even the musical world was represented. From the sublime...

To the ridiculous...

This Jug was just huge (1/24 scale) - I wish I'd put something in to capture the size of this thing.

This 'Mistel' project was experimented with by the Germans but never flown. I only just thought today of the name 'Mistel' (Mistletoe) - as the Christmas decoration is actually a parasite, it does seem very fitting.

The P-61 Black Widow in a stunningly detailed and beautifully realised diorama.

A cracking little Komet Me 163.

And its parent the gorgeous 262. I know it can divide opinion (I suppose every aircraft can) but I just love the lines of the Schwalbe, sleek and deadly.

And of course a camel...

And here's another diorama named 'The Owl and the Pussycat'. Spot the owl...

One for all you Phantomphiles - Craig, Robert, et al.

oops, another Tiger.

More bag for your buck! This is an unusual way of presenting aircraft builds that I've never seen before. One half of the plane is built and you can use the other half to represent the subject with different markings, facing the other direction. As someone who loves those pages of line drawings of planes in their different schemes this is simply brilliant, saves space, and looks just fantastic. One for the 'project' list.

The lack of ships was a little disappointing, both in built models and on sale.

And an interesting Hurricane dio.

And in the face of all that temptation in the shape of literally thousands of models and some cash in my pocket, all I bought was a nice little Zero. This is for my own 'x-project' in the summer. I think from now I'll adopt the 'one out, one in' rule to the stash. We have a pet tortoise at home and I resent having an animal that will outlive me. Starting to feel exactly the same way about my stash.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. Thanks for posting these, there is some nice work on display. That B-47 looks like it's having engine problems. The B-52 was noted for producing smoke trails, for the B-47, not that I'd heard of. . I was Army, so I dunno. Others may know more.

  2. Re loco, yes his version and mine in same Competition Class would you believe, and neither placed. However, a T-Rex painted in a coat of brown on a circle of “grass” and with the seam line still clearly visible, got either Bronze or HC. ?

    • Model competition judges (Modeler excluded for obvious reasons), politicians, game show hosts, third world despots. Don't get me started, Rob.

      • I think I’d probably left by the time you got to the Competition area - had to leave early. Several nice comments from people about my Endeavour diorama, but again no placement by judges. Onwards.

        • Rob, I really don't know what goes on in the mind of a show judge at times. There seems to be some issue around 'inverse snobbery' (where they feel they have to reward effort over talent), which can be seen as a cowtow to political correctness at best and just an outright lack of due respect at worse. There's also cronyism (I've seen it happen), and what I can only assume just pure jealousy when you see a truly great project completely overlooked.

          Personally, I won't enter a model in shows mainly because of this. On iModeler's monthly prize there is a clear meritocracy where you see the judges thinking through their decisions via their publication of all the runners up.

          This is not bitterness speaking; I've never entered a model in a show so I've no axe to grind. But I've seen too few instances where I agree with judges, and I like to think I know a good model. I'm not vilifying all judges, but there's clearly problems when skill, artistry and imagination are not enough.

          There. Rant over.

          • Guys, you should come over to the IPMS Stockholm show. All models are judged. All points are published at show. Then all contestants can clearly see how it all went. Very seldom there are any complaints and if so a word with the judges is not impossible to get. Many times they can point out things the model builder never thought of. Most of the time judges also compete, but of course not in the classes they judge. So all involved do know how important it is to have a critical but fair eye.

          • Stellan, that's my kind of judging; transparent, approachable, and quantitative. Wouldn't expect anything less from our Scandinavian brothers.

          • Rant on, David. When you're right, you're right. Political Correctness - my a$$ ! It's one of MANY things wrong these days!

            The Stockholm show sounds wonderful!

    • I don't know how judging is done over there, but over here you can't judge a category you're entered in. I remember judging 1/72 aircraft with a pair of tank guys. They wanted to completely overlook a 1/72 Hasegawa Mavis with a perfectly done "weathered away" paint scheme as being "overdone." They knew nothing whatsoever about airplanes and less about Japanese airplanes. Once I explained to them exactly why that was the First Place winner, they went "Oh, OK" and agreed with me.

      A good example of why I no longer waste time and gasoline on these events. Given who's judging the model, the prize means nothing.

  3. Some really fantastic work on display thing, though - you may wanna change that 'caption' on the B-52 (it's a B-47) - 🙁

  4. Done Craig. We've had three days of sunshine here, does funny things to your head when you are not used to it. Cheers.

  5. A nice variety of subjects! Thanks for the look see.

    • Thanks, Robert. It was really great to see so many different subjects, but as I said, I was really sad at the lack of ships both in the exhibits and in the kits for sale. I have to say, if I'd seen a Hornet or a Yorktown, I'd have spent some cash today. I don't go to these things often at all - so I'm not sure if this is representative of shows?

      • The Models for Sale trader’s stand had two or three 1/200 ships at reduced prices, and another stand had a couple of 1/72 Revell U-boats at around £50.

        In the Competition area there was a very nice 1/200 British battleship (Hood, maybe? Can’t recall.) No medal placement. I overheard someone remonstrating with an official about the fact the model had been disregarded by judges - it wasn’t even his model; he was just incensed about the apparent injustice!

        For all that, in the 1/32 post-1945 Aircraft Class there was only one entry, so a Gold by default, lol.

        Horses for courses...

        • I think your comments are evidence to my thoughts on Judging. I realise there's automatic biases at work in terms of subject, genre, and tastes, but it cannot be so hard for a judge to think of what the average Joe would be impressed by.

          Again, I cite the iModeler process, where the judges can be clearly seen (evidenced by their inclusion of 'honourable mentions') to be rewarding effort, imagination and skill in a way that it would be hard to argue against. You may disagree with their ultimate decision but you can see WHY they pick a winner.

          I saw the 72nd scale subs and thought about it, briefly. But as usual in these things, the prices may say 'sale' when that's not quite what they mean. Shame we couldn't have met up, would have been nice to talk in person.

  6. Thanks for sharing David! I liked the dio with the Tiger in between two T-34 catches, one with a turret blown; sounds familiar to my Nashorn build. About the vintage bomb, can you tell me what bomb you were talking about, there is actually two in that picture, both well painted... 🙂

  7. She is an interesting piece of work, Michel. Clearly the builder spent a lot of bench hours on his subject...

  8. Some great subjects David. It looked a great show. I've only ever attended this show once in the past, and thought it was first class.
    Did anyone recognise you in your iModeler hoodie?

  9. Julian, I'm sad to say I didn't meet any other iModelers. The venue was very, very, hot - and despite that I resolutely kept in my hoodie, just in case. Took a bullet for the team, you could say.

    • Well done you sir. Your a credit to iModeler wearing your hoodie on what will probably turn out to be our summer. Normal wind and rain will be back before the end of the week.

  10. Nice selection of models and nice work on the results.

    Note to Bernie: B-47s did have smoke on takeoff. Every jet of that era did.

  11. Nice to see David, wasn't able to make the trip to MK this year, so good to see some of the work on show!

  12. Yep, it was a good and enjoyable show. Do I have it completely wrong, or did I see somewhere that you are/were in the Harrow IPMS group?

    • Yes indeed - third Monday of every month - all genres and abilities - including me.

      • I may have to sign up and pop over - I live in Bushey, Which in '42 -'45 was the home of the USAAF Eighth Air Force in the UK.

  13. That profile board was a very creative idea! Being able to mount a bunch of those on the wall would sure save cabinet space!

    • Greg, I thought the 'profile board' was a fantastic idea and a great way to display models. I've been thinking about how I could use this and it'd be great if you have a model where you are undecided on schemes. Just do two, one of each. A definite space saver and a talking point.

    • I think it was a great idea, too. VERY original!

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