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Tribute to John: 1/25 Chevy Z-28 Camaro

April 7, 2018 · in Automotive · · 13 · 2K

I would like to dedicate this post to my good friend "John Jester" who passed away from Cancer last year. John was an avid classic car collector and enthusiast. When he recognized my love for, and ability to make models he asked me if I could make this older model of a he had hidden away in the closet for years. He said "can you make it look something like my silver Z28 Camaro" except the model was off by a few years but he didn't care. Little did he know I could not just make the model a little like his...and not even be the right year. I went a little crazy on it for him b/c he was such a great guy and a good friend and I knew he was very detail focused and particular. I matched it down to the speaker grills. It was an old model a few years off. Needed to do a good amount of body work, fabricate a new grill, find new wheels, build scoops on the side, and change the paint and finally fabricated new decals to match the silver trim of his car. When I presented it to him he was flabbergasted and speechless. He displayed it with his car at all the car shows he attended and I actually gained a lot of consignment work thanks to his wonderful marketing. As you view the photo's you will see a few I have included of the model displayed with the real car, as well as, one of John himself a few years before he became ill.

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  1. Excellent work. I am impressed with whats under the hood. My first impression of the engine was just that ...looks like you could wrench it. Keep up the good work Paul we don't often get to see enough Muscle Cars nor do we get to see work done for friends who loved the cars.

    Two thumbs up

  2. A fitting tribute and an excellent rendition of the "real thing" - well done, Paul.

  3. Yes, great tribute to a good friend, Paul!

    With good friends, we enjoy spending our time. Time is always a gift, for it is one of these few priceless things in life you cannot buy. Modelers like us enjoy spending time with their hobby and the end result - like this car model - is in fact "...time condensed into matter". Therefore, dedicating a carefully built model to a good friend is a great way to show them your appreciation...

  4. If I could 'like' this twice I would. Beautifully done, Paul.

    And beautifully said, Michel.

  5. Very nice Paul. Great job and gesture on your part. I love tribute builds and yours is a great example.

  6. Really nice sir.

  7. Paul,
    What a stunning model and such a wonderful gift for your friend. You indeed made what the last part of his life a very happy one. You are a fine and caring friend to pay him such homage.

  8. Paul, Well done all around ! Looks like you had a wonderful reference to work with !

  9. That enginhe is amazing. So's the rest.

  10. Paul,
    What a wonderful labor of love. Great story and a great build.

  11. My compliments for an excellent model Paul. A magnificent tribute to your good friend.

  12. VERY well done, Paul. It's a fitting tribute to a man who was obviously a great friend!


  13. Excellent work, and an even better project!

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