WIP Meng M2A3 Bradley with BUSK III and full interior

April 5, 2018 · in Armor · · 5 · 3K

Progress so far.

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  1. Very nice detailwork. Can t wait to see this being developed further!

  2. Really nice. Going to be a great build. I always wanted to build this model. Looking really good at this point.

  3. Perhaps the main body can be made removable so all this nice work is visible...? ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Great looking Bradley, Jan. There's a lot of detail for authenticity folks to be happy with for sure. I had an early production M3 version back in 1981 or so. Even though I was a Tanker, my small engineering and testing unit at USAARENBD in Ft. Knox was assigned a Bradley there. I never got to shoot it but I put about 700-800 miles of hard driving on it. It was pretty nimble and had good running speed, though it was slightly slower than out M1 Abrams prototype tank.

    Too many folks think that because it (an M3A1/3 CFV or M2A1/3 IFV Bradley) is a large vehicle with tracks and has a turret with a gun that it must be a tank! HA!

    Your model promises to do this capable vehicle justice. I look forward to seeing more! Thanks for sharing, Jan and Welcome to iModeler!

  5. Thank You all for the comments.

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