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1/48 Hasagawa Harrier: The VTOL Warrior of the USMC

Always loved the USMC Harrier II version of this famed jet so a few years ago I decided to build my 1st Harrier. I apologize that I cannot say to much about my build experience b/c I built this some years ago. I do recall it was an enjoyable build with good detail and overall fit. It was also my 1st time doing this type of low-visibility USMC camo and learned a lot from the experience. I am way over-due to attempt it again on another build. This is the only 1/48 Harrier II I have built.

26 additional images. Click to enlarge.

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Hasegawa 1/48 AV-8B Harrier II

7 responses to 1/48 Hasagawa Harrier: The VTOL Warrior of the USMC

  1. Looks nice – broke up the monochromatic scheme pretty well.

  2. I must say she really suits that lo-vis coloring very well. It’s a great scheme to create color variations and tonal shifts and you’ve aced it. These ‘all over’ schemes can quickly look like toys.

  3. Paul, another example of your excellent work, I can’t help of thinking about the movie “True Lies” (one of the greatest movies of all time !), every time I see one of these. Well done !

  4. Great job! The figure look great too.

  5. Nice build, Paul….I like it.

  6. That’s some great detail Partner. One of my favorite birds of all time. Nice work.

  7. Never seen a Harrier I didn’t like! This is an exceptional build as well! Really impressive finish!

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