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Harrier G.R.1A (AMMO/Kinetic 1/48)

Harrier is a special subject to me, because FROG's (produced by NOVO actually) G.R. Mk.I was one of my first plastic kits, if not the very first one. Modern aviation is not my usual subject, but I've made an exclusion for this build. This [...]

Review: Hobby 2000 1/48 Harrier GR-7/9 Review

Hasegawa 1/72 Harrier Gr Mk. 3

Here is my obligatory Falklands Harrier! It seems everyone who's into modern military aircraft eventually gets around to building one of these. I'm glad to join their ranks! Since joining this site after my last build, I've been humbled [...]

Sea Harrier Fa.2

Hi folks, it has been a while! I'm typing this on a boat, currently off the coast of Senegal... if that explains why I haven't posted a lot of articles recently. This is the Kinetic 1/48 sea harrier 2 kit, with the Eduard cockpit set, [...]

Sea Harrier BAe Systems Airfix 1/48

Hi all , well it's been a while since I posted anything so I thought I would share my latest completed project with you that I finished a month or so ago. It is the quite old Airfix Sea Harrier , I'm not sure how old the mould is but it [...]

Harrier GR.3, 3 Sqn RAF, 1/72 Airfix

I built this model back in 2019, nearly two years ago. The Harrier has been on my wish list for a very long time, and I finally bought one when Airfix released its new tool kits. I love the new Airfix releases, the designers really manage [...]

Revell 1/144 BaE Harrier Gr. 7

I finished this up a week or two ago. It's built OOB and weathered with Ammo by Mig Oilbrushers. The hangar backdrop is from Coastal Kits.

Review: Kinetic 1/48 Harrier GR.1/3 review

1/72 Airfix Sea Harrier FA2

This is the Airfix Sea Harrier FA2, kit no. A04052 in 1/72 scale. Built OOB with the kit decals. It one of the few kits of the Harrier in 1/72 scale that has the dropped in auxiliary intakes included with the kit parts.

Kinetic 1/48 Sea Harrier FA.2 “SHAR”

This build have been a WIP for nearly 9 months, going back and forth between the workbench and a storagebox. I had an idea to build a superdetailed SHAR with a lots of aftermarket, 3d printed parts and scratchbuilding. But due to poor [...]