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Hawker Siddeley Harrier

FALKLANDS GB-1/72nd Italeri Boeing HC.1 Chinook RAF "Bravo November"

25 April 1982, the container ship MV Atlantic Conveyer departs the UK to the Falkland Islands. Aboard are 5 HC.1 Ch-47 Chinook medium lift helicopters (No.8 squadron), all the maintenance and ground crews with equipment aboard. Along [...]

My latest entry into the Good From Afar but Far...

My latest entry into the Good From Afar but Far From Good Collection: Monogram's AV-8B Harrier II, 1/48 scale. Scratch built enhancements include the nose and main landing gear doors, auxiliary inlet door interiors, and lead wiring on the [...]

Hasegawa 1/48 AV-8B Harrier II Plus

The Harrier II Plus is not among Hasegawa's finest models. It has fit issues and sparse cockpit. Yet, thanks to the finely engraved panel lines and accurate dimensions it can be build into a descent representation of American development [...]

1/48 Hasegawa AV-8B Harrier II Plus

This commission built was for a client who is a former Harrier pilot. I used Quinta Studio’s 3-D decals for the cockpit, Meng Missiles, Eduard Brassin’ JDAM bombs, and Caracal Decals to represent VMA-214 aircraft # 2. This aircraft was [...]

BAe FRS 1 Sea Harrier, XZ458 007, HMS Invincible Air Group, South Atlantic, 1982.

1/72 Airfix, built 12-2022 - 10-2023 for the Falklands GB, more details and pic's there.

1/48 Revell AV-8B – VMA-223

This build was a commission build using the 1/48 Revell/Monogram AV-8B kit. The client supported the Marine squadron VMA-223 in Afghanistan in 2011. In appreciation of his support they carried an American flag on a mission aboard and [...]

Build update on 6 1/32 scale AV8BII Harriers commission build for the USMC Blacksheeps

Whew! This is a hell of a project, one that can drive you nuts, especially if the kit is sub par. The way I am tackling it is by doing each section completely for one aircraft and I figure out any issues during assembly of that step. Once [...]

AV8BII Harrier 1/32 scale build x 6 update.

Hi All, A quick update on the 6 Harriers that I am building for the USMC Blacksheep Squadron for the 80th Anniversary. I am now onto the engines, I completed one as a test so the other 5 would go smoothly and this approach seems to work [...]

The first phase of the 1/32 scale Harrier builds for the USMC Blacksheeps

Hi all! Well I have completed 5 of the 6 Harrier AV8B II Plus cockpits for phase one, kit 6 just arrived so I have to go backwards and do this phase all over again so they are all on the same step. Build has been tedious, having to do [...]

Building 6 1/32 scale Harriers for the USMC Blacksheep Squadron

Announcing my biggest model project to date. I have been asked to build 6 AV8B II Plus Harriers to celebrate the Blacksheep Squadron. I am completely honored to build this beautiful aircraft (times six) for such an historic squadron. I [...]