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An-24B (Antonov-24B) 1/72 Amodel

Hello, colleagues! Here's my next model. It's Antonov-24B. Livery-Aeroflot USSR 60-ies. The plane is on the pavement before leaving for the Executive start.

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  1. This is an awesome build and model. 1st its a nice unique subject not seen often as a completed model. Next it is finished perfectly with fantastic paint, decals, and 1st class weathering. I love the manner in which you displayed it. Top notch simple diorama! Great job keep up the great work. This is an award winning model.

  2. I agree with Paul, Dmitry. Excellent build and presentation. A pleasure to see and appreciate such quality.

  3. Very nice! Great detail work.

  4. Another gorgeous model Dmitry, as always! Your posts never disappoint!

  5. Those peskly Russians are at it again...isn't that a copy of the Fairchild F-27...?

  6. Colleagues, thank you for your attention to my work!

  7. Absolutely stunning, great build, especially taking into account the source kit! Отлично!

  8. I can hear the turbines spooling up. The detailing gives the impression of a larger scale than 1/72. What did you use for the taxiway lights?

    • Thanks, buddy! Lights on the track are carved from plastic sprues. Blue glass is a transparent sprue with blue lacquer. They don't glow )))

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

  9. Beautiful work, Dmitry! I know how hard Amodel kits can be to build and yours looks magnificent!

  10. Dmitry, that is a great saying, which I'm going to use. Thanks for sharing it!

  11. Excellent, Dmitry!

  12. Dmitry,

    an excellent model! Did you install electric motors in the nacelles? How is the connection btween motor and Propeller?

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