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Night of the Generals OK maybe the afternoon…added photo

September 4, 2016 · in Uncategorized · · 24 ≡

I am trying to get better at figures. Here is a single photo of the Generals kit.
They really did a fine job at the facial features. This was a really fun day of painting.
All of the Generals were sealed in dullcoat. then I went back with Future floor wax for the shiny bits. I have added a dio photo with proper brown boots..
California Steve

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  1. They look pretty good to ME, Steve...better'n I could do.

  2. Thanks Craig. I think I might go back and make Eisenhower's cap brim in brown. I have a big project to do with lots of figures, so I am building up my skills in figure painting.
    Thanks for the encouragement.
    California Steve

  3. Hey, Steve, I love your postings, and I can see you had a lot of fun with these, but, this is the 21st century, these guys are all warmongers, isn't time to forget all this? It isn't what iModeler is about for me...

    • I understand your feelings George. Least we forget. We don't want to repeat. As you can see in the variety of model I build think I have a nice balance of interests.
      Now where did I put that Woodie station wagon?
      Take care George.

  4. Hey, Steve, I can see you enjoyed these, but, hey, this is the 21st century, all these guys are warmongers, isn't it time we forgot all this?

  5. Realistic looking gentlemen. With a bit lower angle + black/white photo this looks like a real thing. When real history is boring, you can always use alternative histories and do some really interesting dioramas ...

    • Now you have me thinking. Humm? I might have to have another photo session. You know looking at these in a photo I think MacArthur looks a bit like Harrison Ford.
      Thanks for the nice comment IT.

  6. a fine job...and in one afternoon...i'm flabbergasted

  7. Steve, you're on the right track with the brown hat brims for WW II officers. Pattons boots, too. That was the brownshoe Army, 'til the black shoe and boots came in, in1957, with the green uniform.
    That said, general officers can make up their own ensembles, within reason.
    Looking at yours, I'm gonna get me a set. They really look good.
    These 48th or 35th?

    • Thanks Bernard. These are the Tamiya set in 1/35 scale. This a re-release from the 1980s. We are now in the process of polishing boots in brown and exchanging some hats. Thanks for the tip. This Rommel guy really has a attitude. I think he is snickering about Patton's boots! Haa! Haa!.
      Thanks again Bernard.

  8. Steve, true story: I was at a gun show years ago and this vendor had a black leather German overcoat like Rommels. Beautiful thing! This dude bought it whilst I looked on in envy, and proceeded to wear it around the show like der Feldmarshall. It was amazing to watch. I guess it made one want to click his heels, and stuff.

    Patton like to dress like the cavalry guy he was. He played polo, and competed in the Olympics.

    Thanks, Steve! I've been eyeing up the 48th set. Thinking I need to get me one of those.

  9. Great looking figures. what ever the subject.

  10. Thanks Robert. I think this conference was called to discuss the color of Patton's boots. I have gone back and painted them brown along with the hat visors. Thanks again.
    California Steve

  11. Yer durn tooting Gregg!
    And it was very enjoyable.
    California Steve

  12. Nice group of Generals Steve.
    You can overhear them talking.
    "Now, when will us lot meet up again"
    "A week next Friday , If it`s not raining"

  13. You put all those personalities in a room, and mayhem would ensue. It would be fun to watch!

  14. Patton has what looks like a shiilleagh, shill, ah, one of them Irish sticks. The others have only their wits, which might be enough, at that.

    • I heard he beat a Tiger tank into submission with that stick.
      Well that's what Monty said...
      OK I made the whole thing up... But it does make a good story.
      Take care Bernard

  15. Thank you Simon... So you hear them also?
    I thought I was sitting too close to the glue. Haa! Haa!
    Take care

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