Fujimi 1/72 LTV A-7E Corsair II

May 20, 2018 · in Aviation · · 31 · 6.5K

My last project.
Resin cockpit from Aires, Sidewinders, Mk 82s and TERs from , Mk 83s and LAU-10s from , decals from CAM and Print Scale. Scratchbuilt landing gear bays and rotary cannon front face (small projects on themselves). Green trim painted on fin and rudder since the decals didn´t fit the rudder. I also stole the fuel tanks from a A-4, the kit´s ones were smaller.
This one took a long time, I started it in July of last year and finished it just yesterday.

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  1. I would have never guessed that was a 72nd scale build, Ruben...that looks GREAT!

  2. Clean, crisp, loaded with well-done detail. Fabulous. Special.

  3. Just amazing. Can’t wait for you next build.

  4. simply stunning.

  5. Well done Corsair II, Fujimi did well with their series of Corsairs, you just made a good kit even better. Nice scheme you chose as well. Thanks for sharing.

    • You´re welcome, actually I was waiting to find decals to do a High Viz Valions´one with the blue rampant lion, but it seems nobody is going to do it soon. I found a set that had this one and I liked it, so it was time to tackle this one.

  6. The best compliment I can say is that it looks like a super detailed 1/48 or bigger scale. The attention to detail and solid paint work makes your A-7E one step above competition. Congratulations Ruben, top work!

  7. Hi Ruben. Your Corsair is just staggeringly good! Like other comments, I would have thought it was 1/32 scale. The amount of work, detail & quality you have put in is amazing. Congratulations.

  8. In such small scale this is just an amazing piece of work. I feel caught somewhere between inspired and resigned. Fabulous work that must have taken prodigious levels of concentration and skill.

  9. Excellent modeling. At this scale I guess the wiring in wheel bays and on ordnance must have been absolute precision work... kudos!

  10. Ruben, this is an out of the world build of one of my favorite Navy birds. 1st I cannot believe it is only 1/72, would never guess that by the pictures. The detail is spectacular! I dont like building 1/72 b/c I just think they look to small but man if I could get them to look like this I could save a lot of shelve space. This model is so perfect and a prize winner! The cockpit is incredible and the wheel wells really pop! The only 1/72 I built in years is the MENG 1/72 F-106 recently posted, which was nicely detailed. This build makes me reconsider my scale choice at least for jets. Keep up the great work, worth a year of building.

  11. Beauty! This looks familiar- have I seen this on another forum in the past few weeks?

  12. A real beauty! The detail work is fantastic, and the overall excellence of the project really makes it a stunner, especially in 1/72! Since I only build in that scale, I love to see such excellent work that I can use as reference for just how much you can do with it!

    • Thank you, but if you look elsewhere and find Villalba´s A-7E with the same kit you might have much more inspiration.

      • Hi Ruben. After your citation of Villalba's work I thought I'd look it up.

        Although it's an extraordinary work in 1/72, it's really beyond scale modeling. I prefer yours!

  13. Your detail work is great and the result is superb.

  14. My only niggle with this build is the photography and it has to do with the lighting. It needs to be brighter and the back round could be a little darker to give some better contrasts with the colors on the model.

    As for the model. IT is a strong contender for model of the month. Some great work went into adding the details...like the canopy framing (painting), the gear wells are superb. The load outs are interesting and well done. The A-7 was considered to be a bomb truck and never got the attention that Phantoms or Tomcats get but, this build goes a long way to disprove that the model of is not interesting. The time and effort to make this models shows clearly too.

    Two thumbs up Ruben.

    • Thank you, I like the variety and color the Navy planes had in its days, and a better kit is needed in this scale for the A-7 or someone that offers the landing bays in resin, I would build more of them.

  15. There is a long tradition of master craftsmen leaving a deliberate flaw in their work, apparently in recognition that only G@d achieves perfection. You, Ruben, are a master.

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    said on May 21, 2018

    Superb looking build.

  17. Well done, great looking A-7 ! Ditto on all the above comments.

  18. Thank you all for your kind words. I really appreciate them.

  19. Well done, high visibility, A-7 a perfect combination of things.

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