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KC-135R – 1/72 – Italeri

Turkish Air Force KC-135R
57-2609, İncirlik Air Force Base, Adana/Turkey

* Decals by Babibi & Turquoise Decals

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23 responses to KC-135R – 1/72 – Italeri

  1. Now that right there’s a really nice-lookin’ build – AND a really nice place to build it!

  2. Lovely job Cetin, having built on of these (as a USAF aircraft) I can say you have done a great job adding the extra detail the kit does not supply. Your rear fuselage reinforcing strip area looks perfect.

  3. A sleek and elegant build. It’s so difficult to generate interest and scale representation in a one color build but you have done a brilliant job here. Well done. Cetin.

  4. Nice job. Good looking build.

  5. Such a beautiful lady

  6. Beautiful job on an updated version of a real classic aircraft, Çetin SARF! VERY well done.

    I flew in an older KC-135 from Frankfurt, Germany to Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. It was a great flight and since my family & I were Military, we were allowed access to both the flight deck (to talk with the Pilot, Co-Pilot, & Flight Engineer,) PLUS I got to go to the refueling Tech’s station. We flew over the highest mountain in Greenland (which is mostly WHITE because of the snow & ice, not green!) and I have a great photo looking straight down at the peak from 34,000 ft. / 10,362.2m! (Gunnbjorn Fjeld – 12,139 feet / 3,700m) It was an awesome view!

  7. Real nice!!! She’s a beauty,

  8. I love it, really cool and nice looking model. Love the KC-135R. Nice model workshop also. I am jealous of that space!

  9. Good work, Cetin, you’ve managed to make a potentially boring looking plane into an interesting model.

  10. She’s a beauty! Very nice.

  11. Nice work and I really like the extra details. I started one of these about 20 years ago. I bought an AMT KC and found a Heller (I think) AWACS that had the larger engines. I kitbashed the two together and aded a bunch of details to it, but I ended up losing the refueler’s window and boom. The half-built kit languished on the self of doom for many years until it fell apart. I threw it out a few weeks ago.

    • Thank you George. I lost the refuelers window too. And I built it using clear acetate. You could scratchbuild boom. I’m sorry to hear it goes to trash. I hope some mainstream manufacturer may produce a new mold KC one day.

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