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Painting freehand

So this is my attempt at reproducing some heraldry for a knight bust. This belongs the family of Vallois. If anyone is interested I will post pictures of the finished piece once done!

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  1. Of course we’re interested! Welcome onboard at iModeler. Your technique shown here is very impressive indeed. How’s the “dirt” done?

  2. The best part about this ‘reproduction’ is that THEY did it “free hand” as well, so symmetry doesn’t have to be perfect (but yours seems to be anyway) – lol. Welcome!

  3. Fantastic, Jay. Look forward to seeing the knight!

  4. please do post! the shield looks great!

  5. I’m with the growing crowd – please post more! And welcome to iModeler, Jay!


    • Thanks Jeff, I was aware that itโ€™s mainly scale modelling so never too sure how a figure painter would be received, but so far itโ€™s been great!

      • One of my mates is a great figure painter, though more the Fantasy mode, and has won prizes at several of the international competitions. Heโ€™s given me a number of practical tips over two or three years now which I sometimes manage to put into practice – your techniques also remind me of his work.

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