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Flight of Brothers in Arms

August 25, 2021 · in Uncategorized · · 11 · 1.7K

I am busy building the following: a FGA.9 which will be done in the Royal Rhodesian Air Force scheme and markings as well as a 1/72 FAW.Mk.9.

These will be displayed in side by side flight over the Kariba dam wall like what happened in the 1965 - 66 when the RAF's 29 Sqn was seconded to duty in Zambia to prevent the RRAF from over flying Zambian air space when Rhodesia declared UDI.

The pic shows the 2 types of aircraft and the picture I am going to use for the base display.

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  1. If you don't know already, Extradecal set no X72214 provides decals for Hunters pre and post UDI. HTH

  2. Items like this (update on ongoing work) fit better in the Groups area raher than the headlines, for example "Work in Progress - Aircraft".

    Just a kind reminder ahead of your next posting.

  3. That will be an awesome diorama, Phillipe @phillipe50
    Looking forward to it in the groups build.

  4. What a great diorama idea, Phillip!

  5. Keep us posted On the progress Phillip ! I had a Lot of respect for the Rhodesian armed forces. They broke records in tactical warfare, both on the ground ( lowest para drops ever ) and in the air. Great idea, and curious what happened at the dam that picked your interest.

    • Nothing happened at the dam other than it just provides an ideal backdrop as the Hunters and Javelins used the both patrol the Zambian/Rhodesian border, sometimes at the same time and met in flight. Also it was the only direct down looking view of any part of the Zambezi I could get. I would loved to have used a pic of the Vic Falls and its bridge but nothing available.

  6. looking forward to seeing this.

  7. Cool. But if I understand these were less brothers in arms and more planes at loggerheads with each other.
    Were the Javelins also used as santctions enforcers ?

    • They might have been sent as sanctions enforcers, but the airspace over Zambia was controlled from Salisbury in Rhodesia so the RRAF knew where the Javelins were at all times.
      I titled it as Brothers in Arms as someone has already done some magazine articles on this episode and titled it Brothers at Arms.

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