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old missouri

June 17, 2018 · in Ships · 5 · 1.7K

An old Missouri 1: 350 from Tamiya and wanting to try the products of several manufacturers to make water.

Well then I'm like at the beginning, the cotton for the foam works well but when you mix acrylic colors with the products to emulate water do not just convince me, you may not use it well or have not applied correctly anyway it has not finished as I was waiting.

Although the color of the water is somewhat complicated a sea water should be something more green and maybe something else but also dede gray light.

Well if any of you have experience I would like you to help me with some tutorial or examples of how to approach this topic correctly.

I'm waiting for an upgrade kit from Eduard since I've put on at least this old battleship.


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  1. Turned out great! The water, the guns firing...everything - nice job!

  2. Nice Carmelo. I like what you did here. The lighting on the guns worked out very well too! Kudos!

  3. Looks like you really put a lot of hard work into this build and it shows it. Great Battleship, really like the firing main guns, looks real. I never got the hang of working with cotton like you did. The water looks good. Everyone has different tastes for what looks good or bad when it comes to water. I had practiced a lot with different techniques and have had mixed results. I never did use cotton in my water but used more paint to create foam and wave crests. So much to say about this but hard to describe it all in a simple text. A product that I always use to create my base water is a product called "Hodge Podge" paste. Easy to work with and apply. It dries clear and is transparent. You can add different shades of paint mixed in it which will give you the color u want but also it will be transparent like real water. You can also agitate it with tools/sticks as it dries to create a texture to it. I paint the base board a dark color such as a mix of a dark blue and/or greenish color. Texture it with the Hodge Podge applied in light layers, let it dry, more layers, let it dry. Tint it and apply more. I also use silicone adhesive and/or melted clear stick glue to create waves as needed. I touch up up the surface as needed with paints and maybe cover it with more hodge podge. Here are some pics of my last 1/350th Battleship in water setting using these techniques.

    5 attached images. Click to enlarge.

  4. Carmelo, you have done really well. The technique you used for the guns firing is really excellent! I like the big, rough swells, too.

    Bravo, my friend!

  5. Looks great - although the water color is a little stark (like you mentioned), still the waves and water shaping look excellent. Well done! (and yes, I too like the guns shooting).

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