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Tupolev-22KDP, 1/72, Modelsvit

July 8, 2018 · in Aviation · · 32 Comments

Hello, colleagues! Let me show you my latest model.

The main improvement in the model was mechanization. I broke my brain with her. The flaps were a lot harder than I had imagined. It didn't turn out to be 100% right, something I would have done differently now. But write it on the "crust" and take into account in the future ))).

The wheels are replaced and I made them spin. So if you want you can plane and roll on the floor ))).

On the model of the added steketee statics of lint toothbrush. Landing lights inlaid did not do. Instead, a thin foil squeezed reflectors, pasted them and filled with a transparent epoxy.

Landing gear a little equipped with a pipeline of tin wire-solder. The hydraulic cups are wrapped in self-adhesive foil.

The inscription and the side numbers-a homemade decal.

Model crash the Metallica AK-Interaktive.

Stand of sandwich construction, framed frame from the frame shop. It took 2.5 kit ICM-cal plates.

It should be noted chic decals.

The instructions do not say how much you need to put the goods in the nose. I collected the glider to the tape and turned 40, So if someone will collect, keep that in mind.

On the model of thumb riveting. Without fanaticism, so as to revive it somewhat. The engine family is the best replacement for Amigo, which I did. But it took only Whitney and output sets. Nozzle liked its study, a lot of photo-etching, but it greatly improved the appearance.

That's right.

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32 responses

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    said on July 8, 2018

    Great finish on this Dmitry. Top stuff.

  2. Tremendous job! Just simply awesome.

  3. Outstanding work, Dmitry - as always.

  4. Now there is something you can write home about. Some strong work on a Soviet classic bomber. This is a candidate for model of the month. A lot of time,effort and passion went into this kit.

    Two thumbs up Dimtry , your Tupolev-22KDP plays the role of the bomber exquisitely.

  5. Gentlemen, thank you for your opinions about the model!

  6. This is just a brilliant and impressive build! Very cool aircraft and you captured it perfectly in so many ways. Wings with flaps look awesome. Wheels awesome. What a nice and authentic paint job with weathering. Really well done. WOW!

  7. I've always thought the Blinder was a pretty airplane. The exhaust nozzles are spectacular!

  8. Lots of work here and it really paid off. Getting that metal finish to look like "Soviet era wear-and-tear" is really outstanding. I like this a lot, Dmitry.

  9. Josh, Tom, Thanks!

  10. That's a really impressive bomber! Fantastic build!

  11. A real nice one, Dmitry!

  12. That is one very nice looking Blinder, Dmitry. You may have broken your brain getting it done but it is truly a work of art.


  13. Gentlemen, thank you! It is good that the model causes so many positive emotions, despite the fact that it is a military aircraft. Thank you!

  14. Excellent Dmitry!
    Very realistic finish. I am working on a similar project ( Tu-22m3 ) and can relate to all the work you've done here. Flaps, exhausts and the rest - all is outstanding.

  15. I love it! It's just So Russian! Well executed Dymitry, especially so for a Modelsvit kit. I built their Chaika a while back and while it was a struggle at times I had a blast building!

  16. This is another beautiful model - excellent detail and a fantastic paint and weathering finish. Love it!

  17. Great work! The metal variation and subtle weathering make this really outstanding.

  18. Dmitry, if ever their was an aircraft that had that "Buck Roger's" look this is it ! (I realize Buck Rogers may be before your time for some of you ). Really outstanding work. I like it a lot !

  19. Nice work! The Blinder is one of my favorites. I built the Esci kit years ago and this one puts it to shame.

  20. I love all your collections! this is another incredible work done. congratulations

  21. Congratulations for winning the July Awards.
    Well deserved. Beautiful build.

  22. Dimitry- An absolutely fantastic model you have have built. The weathering is beautifully done and the bare metal is sublime. All the details are exquisitely rendered, too. This certainly deserved Model of the Month! Congratulations.

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