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1/12 Sand Trooper

Was really hesitant to post this guy, haven’t seen that much sci-fi stuff (remember I’m new!) But hopefully it has a place here on the site (if not please let me know) This is a Sandtrooper, the weathering was done from my experiences in the “sand box” (Iraq, Afghanistan) so he’s not movie accurate. Hope you enjoy and as always critiques and comments welcome!

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  1. Looks WAY more interesting than the pearly-white troopers roving all over the Star Wars universe!

  2. @gkittinger, Thank you! Yeah, I was thinking no way would their armor be clean if they were in country for any substantial time. I remember being completely filthy just after a four hour patrol in desert areas

  3. Not much of a Sci-Fi buff myself, but I like what you've done here. And remember, there's ALWAYS a "place" to display your modeling talent(s) here - no matter the subject matter.

  4. @craigindaytona, Thank you sir, good to know! Star Wars is about as sci-fi as I get and it's more out of childhood memories. However, I actually did quite a few Bandai kits to get back into the hobby. They're easy to build and great templates to practice weathering techniques. Infact a total of 6 Bandai kits were done before I got the confidence to do my previous post of the USMC M60 A1

  5. Love this Travis , there is a ton of Starwars /Sci-fi stuff on iModeller some of it done by myself ,Finemolds X-wing 1/48 and an Eagle transporter so welcome aboard.

  6. @neil-foster, Thank you sir! I said earlier I have done 5 other Starwars Bandai kits and I'd love to post some more of them it's good to know they will be welcomed, what a great community!

  7. Nice build! There's definitely a place for sci-fi here. I've posted a couple here myself.

  8. @roofrat, Thank you! This place is feeling more and more like the place to be!

  9. Hey Travis. Welcome! Somewhat new myself. This is a great group to be a part of. Nothing is out of the norm...If it's a model, it belongs here. Your builds may spark someones interest to try something new. Plus, you may have ideas or techniques that are new to try. Good job and keep them coming!

  10. Very Glad you did post it Travis -lovely work!

  11. @davem, Thank you for your kind words sir! Can't express how humbling it is to receive such compliments from you great modelers and the welcome to the community has been extraordinary!

  12. @Snaps0351 - a great piece of work combining personal experience, thoughtful and imaginative artistry, and fun. Brilliant, Travis.

  13. @dirtylittlefokker, Why thank you sir! This was a trial by fire kit, after all the Youtube videos and "how to" articles this was the kit I mashed them all together and tried to get the desired look I was going after (also found out Bandai styrene does not like enamel thinner without a proper coat of protection!)

  14. “Mashed”, my eye, Travis, you are a guerrilla artist my friend!

  15. @dirtylittlefokker, Again thank you for the kind words! For me, the guys on Youtube make it looks so easy...not so much for me! It never turns out that way so a lot of frustration, luck and eventually learning by growing pains tends to be my ultimate technique. But in the end I love this hobby and love learning about it so it’s all worth it!

  16. As many have said already, all modeling IS welcome here. Thanks for sharing your great work. Looking forward to seeing more.

  17. Found the droids we are looking for
    Figure looks awesome

  18. That is absolutely awesome, great weathering! I love that he’s armed with an Mg 34 and has Mp 40 ammo pouches 🙂
    Jokes aside, adding realism to sci fi subjects really brings out their character. That is where I think (and I assume you have noticed it) “Rogue One” really shines, with troops that look ragged like they were really fighting, and not just parading inside Death Star - as your model sure does. Congratulations for the excellent build and finish!

  19. Awesome Travis, please more sci-fi - really cool weathering on this guy. Really quality and I love the realism.

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