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Ferguson TE-20 – Heller – 1/24

August 5, 2018 · in Automotive · · 17 Comments

Hello again
Fast job with a great kit, I'm happy to post my second entry this month.
Paint and weathering products from Ammo by Mig.

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17 responses

  1. Looks like a well-used workin' tractor - nice job on the detail(s).

  2. Well done, indeed! great weathering job.

  3. This is awesome. This is almost identical to the one we had on a small hobby farm during the '70s, right down to the color. All that's missing is a 3'x2' wooden box behind the seat: we used it to holds tools, gas and oil for cutting firewood

  4. It couldn't look more REAL. When I saw it at the top of the page, I thought, "why put a real tractor at this site..." Seriously.
    Incredible job of modeling, Bogdan.

  5. Extremely realistic!

  6. Like Bob, I thought it was real. Excellent work!

  7. Believe it or not, my grand mother had one that looked very similar to this when I was a child. However hers was a Ford 7N, and not a Massey Ferguson like yours is. They called them "red belly Fords". My Dad would take me for rides on it ... It brought back a lot of memories.

    Yours looks extremely authentic ! Well done.

  8. Beatifully weathered! Respect Bogdan!

  9. Thank you all, again.

  10. Beautifully done Bogdan - you could just about smell it!

  11. I did alot of work on my grandad's farm in KY on a MF 135, and I can almost smell that wonderful turned-dirt aroma coming off your model! Very nicely done - takes me back to my childhood.

  12. Nice Tractor! Now that is a nice unique kit. Superb job with paint and weathering. I would use this model in a cool country-side diorama.

  13. Amazing job , these tractors lie dead and dying in corners of farmyards from one end of England to the other, great job.

  14. A popular subject for this technique. Very nice.

  15. Looks just like various out Fergies & Fords scattered around the heartland. Couldn’t look more real. I wish they made more farm tractor models.

  16. Beautiful work. I am also planning a build on this subject matter. You have done a fantastic job. Congrats.

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