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WingNut Wings Albatros….

August 28, 2018 · in Aviation · · 20 · 2.9K

Here are a few pics of my , recently refurbished.
GasPatch turnbuckles and Spandaus.

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  1. It's amazing how a WNW kit makes a modeler "step up." The wood work here is sooo amazing. The model is superb.

  2. Yes, excellent work. Assume woodgrain is HGW or Uschi Decals.

  3. That's a great testament to your skills and the quality of WnW kits. I've several WnW kits lurking in the shadows but am going to cut my teeth on WW1 subjects with some 1/48 scale Eduard offerings first to lay the ghost of previous efforts to produce decent bi-planes with rigging. Fantastic job! Paul

  4. Very nice model. The Albatros is a aesthetically pleasing design, yours does full justice Stephen!
    How do you rate hose turnbuckles, easy or hard to use?

  5. Beautiful effect Stephen, lovely work.

  6. Beautiful work Stephen!

  7. Really very nice, Stephen.

  8. Excellent work Stephen, only thing I would ding you on is this: more pics please. Would enjoy seeing more detail on that cockpit, and your simulated wood grain effect.

  9. Truly Outstanding Build in every manner!

  10. Yes...what they said !

  11. I laughed at the He-double hockey stick comment. I also, have heard Darn Nation and other blue and black comments about the hobby but, nothing about having to give it up because, it's too much like religion.

    Stephen, great model and painting. The wood being one of the high lights of the kit. Keep up the good work and once again thanks for proving that these WnW's kits are very good indeed.

  12. Excellent job, Stephen. Especially the wood work.

  13. Ah, now THIS dog will hunt. She’s gorgeous, Stephen, gorgeous.

  14. Top drawer work, Stephen. I'm inspired to do another Albatros.

  15. Stephen, always thought the Albatros was probably the best looking / designed airplane of WW1. Its always nice to see a well done model of one like what we have here. I like it a lot !

  16. The Albatros is a beautiful plane on it's own... but when you see a model of one, and it looks as nice as yours does, that's something special.

    You have nailed this one. I especially like the wood grain paint effects, and the colors used on the engine. It looks like you shrunk down a real one and brought it back in your time machine !

    Well done Sir ... I Like it... a LOT !

  17. That's a beautiful model - really shows off some master craftsmanship. Well done!

  18. Great job, Stephen. Nice and subtle woodwork, well done!

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