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8,000 Articles on iModeler!

September 27, 2018 · in News · · 25 Comments

On November 4th, 2012, the first article was posted by a member of our community - and quite fittingly for the iModeler logo, it was an article about the . Fast forward to today, we just reached our 8,000th article.

There is so much one could say about this number. That, for example, it means an average of 3.7 articles per day. Or that it shows our hobby is going stronger than ever. But the most important thing to be said is a simple "thank you". Thank you one and all for contributing your stunning work, your dedication, and your willingness to share and discuss.

And thank you for being a part of the iModeler crowd!

25 responses

  1. Awesome! I'm still relatively new here (a year & a half) but I'm proud to be part of such a great community of like-minded folks.

    Thank YOU, iModeler and to all the folks who "live & work" here making this a great site. PLUS, all the great folks who post such great models and articles that are an inspiration to those of us less talented folks who are still "learning." (I'm 67 [yesterday] and I learn something new EVERY time I visit!)

  2. And thank you, Martin and Boris, for bringing us this forum where we can share our work and opinions. It's been an amazing experience for having brought me together with people from all over the world.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. Congrats! Short time for me but enjoying every article and feeling warmly welcomed from the first post. Thanks to all for making it happen and continually improving the site.

  4. Wow ! ,I posted my first article on February 17 2013 so I guess I must be one of the earliest contributors ,I didn't know .This is a great site and barely a day goes by that I don't have a look at least once , I've made some great friends and learned a huge amount , keep it up guys.
    Martin , could you re-post the first article I'd like to see it.
    Cheers Neil.

  5. Since discovering iModeler, this has become my lunch routine (most days I eat lunch at my desk at work). I've got friends all over the world now with at least one esoteric commonality - scale modeling! Thanks gents for the (mostly under-appreciated) work you do to make it all possible.

  6. I'm new here, but t feels good being here, surrounded by nice people and great modelers! Since I joined I visit at least once a day, often a few times every day.

    Congratulations to Martin and Boris, and to all contributors that make this site a great place to be for modelers from worldwide!



  7. Congratulations to the iModeler team on this milestone and for making it all happen!

  8. A great build!, Thanks all for being there. How else can you travel the planet so easily.

  9. I just looked up MY first article/ was on November 10, 2012 - that was only 6 days after you stated the first one was put up (must make me one of the "veterans", huh?) - 🙂
    Thanks to Martin and his entire staff for all the hard work and great modeling site!

  10. My 1st post was on 13 May 2013. And who is the first imodeler to welcome me? none other than Neil Foster. I have been checking in regularly ever since everyday. I may not comment on everything, I but I do check them out regardless of genre. It has been a privilege to share our hobby with all of you.

  11. Hey Chuck ,glad we're both still here buddy !

  12. A great site to be sure and many, many fantastic models and modellers. No bickering(at least that I have noticed) and any criticism is handled with aplomb. Well done Martin and staff

  13. Thanks to iModeler staff for give us the oportunity to show our models, and give us a peacefull place to talk about our hobby and our life...

    Congratulations and we're going to keep iModeler great, for sure.

  14. Awesome Accomplishment! I am happy to be a part of this great organization and contribute and share as much as I can. I have made some good contacts and friends from this wonderful site. I think it is the best model site on the internet and I have spent more time here in 1 year then all other sites put together over past 10 years.

  15. Thanks for hosting the best forum for showing articles of modelling. It surely attracts and inspires modelers to do and show their best efforts.

  16. Congrats on this great number! And thank you so much guys for keeping this great on-line community going. It's just over a year now since I've joined and it's a wonderful community with enormous knowledge and scalemodel craftmanship. Inspiring everytime I take a look.

  17. Man... I love this site.

  18. Imodeler was the first ever community modeling site I joined. At the same time, I am convinced it is the best and most constructive network of people sharing the same interests around. Even though my time on the bench is limited, visiting this site to learn new things and admire others' marvels became sort of daily practice. Thanks to Martin et. al.

  19. 100% with you, Michel. Some of us just can’t spend as much time as we’d like but this ‘social scale’ modeling is a great way to feel connected.

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