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Dawn Patrol Rendezvous

September 24, 2018 · in Show Reports · · 11 · 2.3K

Traveled up north to the USAF Museum to attend the marking of 100th Anniversary of the , or as the event was titled Dawn Patrol Rendezvous. Well attended even for a brisk cloudy day, and there were lots of displays, antique cars, re-in actors to view, and of course the highlight was seeing replicas of WWI aircraft flying. Could be several ideas here for the latest iModeler Group Build," iModeler in the Movies."

The Spad was built from original plans with the only exception being a modern engine. Gosh it was pretty. Hope you enjoy the pics, I had a lot of fun taking them.

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  1. Dang fine fotos, Tom! (er ... photos ... )

    That Fokker D-VII sure is purty-ful! So is that SPAD. And the ... well, you get the idea. I hadn't heard of this showing - I might've gone. Looks like a lot of outstanding displays. There are some fine looking autos, as well.

    Glad you enjoyed the show. I certainly enjoyed looking at your fine pictures. Thanks for sharing them, Tom!

  2. Hey Tom. Thanks for sharing. And as Jeff mentioned...nice pics.

  3. And check out the ambulance! Nice stuff, Tom!

  4. Looks like a great day out, Tom. Plenty of amazing hardware (think you gave David a heart attack with the Model T ambulance photo). AND a kilt! Aye, a bonny day oot.

  5. Great pics! Beautiful SPAD, the surgeon's kit looks more menacing than the weapons.

  6. Not my forte, but it sure looks like an outstanding display of the era...thanks for sharin' the pics. 🙂

  7. Nice photos and a great reference sorce. Thanks for posting.

  8. Thanks for putting these up Tom, they are fantastic - I hope you had a sensational day out!

  9. Great photos and sure looks like a nice event. These type of events are allways wonderful to visit. Thanks for sharing.

  10. The SPAD XIII and the Nieuport 17 are truly outstanding. Everything else is super interesting too. Thanks for sharing the pix, Tom.

  11. That was a great event, I hadn't been since the first one years ago. A friend of mine let me fly his 1/3rd scale Pup...the camaraderie was great! Thanks for posting the photos.


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