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Italeri 48th OH-13 Sioux

September 3, 2018 · in Aviation · · 29 · 3K

Made mods to interior and added cyclic and collective pitch horns to swashplate. Made bigger diameter skid tubes. Tie down tape was made from dental floss, painted red. Added other details like pitot tube.
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  1. Very nice work. I've always liked that particular kind of whirlybird. This one looks like the one Kirk Douglas shot down in "Lonely Are The Brave."

  2. Uau, fantastic work overall but the intricate details are really good. Excellent work Bowman, and what a ingenious idea using dental floss to simulate straps

  3. Sharp little build, sir...I really like this one.

  4. Very nice to see a helicopter model. Looks really good.
    Did not realize until today how big/bulky the instrument panel were at that time. Thanks for showing.

  5. Very nice. I was unaware of this kit.

  6. Nice work, Bo! Haven’t heard from you in awhile.

  7. Wow just wow. And 1/48 none the less. Have the same kit in my stash, may have to pull it out and try my hand at building a chopper.

    • Just do it! I'd luv to see what a REAL modeler can do with this kit. If you're building a US Army bird, you gotta delete the kit's 'rolled and pleated' cushions! We never had such luxury! My butt STILL hurts from sitting on those rags the US Army called 'cushions'! LOL!

  8. Bowman @134ahc, Nice job! Even at 1/48 scale, this must have been a challenge.

  9. Lovely work, Bowman. I ordered a Bell 47 (loved these birds ever since growing up watching MASH as a kid) from China two years ago. Still waiting for it.

  10. Excellent rendition of my favorite Hell-of-a-copter!

  11. Very nice, and an unusual scheme.

  12. fine job Bo on a very challenging kit...i built the revell kit and had to glue it to a base as mine needed counterweight and i missed the boat...really glad to see you came over from the shark tank

  13. I used double-back sticky to secure mine to the base.

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