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You Say It's Yer Birthday... It's My Birthday, Too!

September 4, 2018 · in News · 51 · 1.9K

Yes, guys, you're correct. Today is indeed my birthday, and I wanted to give a big thank you to Martin and the team for the unexpected birthday present of a 1:1 Short Sunderland V Flying Boat! Wow! Talk about lost for words!

The guy on the push bike who delivered it was a little puffed out, but I wanted to get his photo as a momento of the day, and possibly to pass to the police in case he went missing. The blood vessel at his temple was positively huge, and he didn't seem to know who he was or where he was going.


For those of you who previously had a look at my WiP thread of the Salmson-Moineau S.M.1 project, I've been updating regularly, but there seems to have been a technical issue of some kind preventing updates from appearing in the Latest column for Groups on the Headlines page.

Anyone who wants to catch up with the progress of this challenging project, follow the link here.

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  1. Hey pal, happy birthday ! , mine was yesterday and I spent it sticking wallpaper up , I've only just finished as it happens ,still I've got the rest of the week off and the house to myself so I can spend three days doing that thing we boys like doing most when the misses is out... sticking plastic together of course ,what did you think I meant ?
    Cheers N.

  2. Last time I papered a room I thought the missus was out as well; then noticed the long lumpy bit under the middle section. Man was she steamed! ?

  3. Happy B'day Rob! Enjoy it and do something Fun.

  4. Happy Birthday, Rob! Glad you liked the present - we are waiting for RAF Cosford to finish the Wellington restoration, as soon as they are done we'll be sending out the courier again. If you could clear some space on the front lawn in the meantime... 😀

    • There are some tricky roads between Cosford and rural Norfolk. Might be good to arrange a second push bike, as a back-up!

      It’s not the parking space for these brutes. It’s finding somewhere to store 2000 gallons of aviation fuel...

  5. Happy Birthday, Rob! And Happy Birthday to you Neil! @neil-foster A LOT of good folk are born is September - like my Wife and myself, for instance.

    Will you park the Sunderland in your garage or out on the street? LoL!


  6. Add me to the list, Jeff. Born 8th September, 19 hundred and...something...can't quite remember the last bit.

  7. Thanks, Rob. September was obviously a fine vintage.

    • Yeah. Not too shabby,

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

    • Happy birthday in advance Dave, by the way if you count back 9 months from September you have got Xmas and new years which is why there are so many of us Virgos I guess...Dad " Hic ,I love you baby..."
      Mum "" I love you too ya big sexy hunk,C'mere"
      not a nice thought...

  8. Well, I want the 1:1 scale Galaxy for my Birthday loaded with Plastic Card... just a little hint Martin. Happy Birthday Rob and many more.

  9. Happy birthday! Rob. mine was in June, is it to late to ask for a 1:1 F-4? To Neil and David happy B day also!

  10. Happy Birthday Rob!



  11. Well happy-damn birthday, my friend (and many more). 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. Enjoy the day (or what's left of it, now that it's getting late on your side of the pond!).

  13. Happy Birthday Rob. I hope that you have enjoyed the day and have many more in the future.

  14. Congratulations! I wish you good health and peace in your home! Happiness to You and Your family!

  15. Happy B-Day Rob, all the best

  16. Happy B-Day Rob, you don't look a day over 39.

    When will the regular flight service begin?

  17. Happy Birthday Rob ! I'm happy to hear it has been a good one for you... 🙂

    Looks like you're having some serious fun !

    If you decide to drop by over here on my side of "the Pond" in your newly acquired Sunderland, There's lots of lakes nearby my house... so drop in. When you decide to head back home, you can leave the "keys" for it, (and the pilots manual), and I wouldn't mind one bit.

    I'd even offer to start it up for you once in the while... 🙂

  18. Congrats Rob on your birthday and the amazing gift. Heck I will come visit in January on my birthday just to fly with ya in the Sutherland, that would make my day, heck I will bring Louis with me. Otherwise I would be happy to just have a tail wheel from a Corsair or Mustang, don't have to be the whole thing...

  19. Congrats Rob! Thanks for all you share here with us!

  20. Yes happy birthday Rob, also everyone else who's had or is having one soon !

  21. Seems like we might need a few extra candles this September - I'm up on the 27th.

    I've cleared the field behind my house - I'm hoping for an Antonov An-225. Post-boy's gonna need a bigger bike and a new fitness regime.

    Many happy returns, Rob!

  22. Sorry I missed this, Happy birthday Rob , we hope you had a great day.

  23. Happy Birthday Rob!

  24. Happy birthday, Rob!

  25. Many happy returns Rob I always enjoy your posts. Trust you had a sip or two of an adult beverage to cerebrate. September seems to be a great month for birthdays and celebrations. The wife has her's on the 11th and we celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary on the 15th. Time certainly flies when you're having fun.

  26. Happy birthday mate! You should have gave us a couple of weeks notice and we would all have turned up for a beer! 🙂

  27. As we say in my part of the world, Feliz Cumplianos, mi amigo! May there be many more. And remember, you only have one birthday, the rest are anniversaries...

    Was Nurse Ratched present for the big event, by chance?

    • Ah, Nurse Ratchet! She was suspended after the last incident involving her unauthorised use of the Rectal Flush Machine. Seems in spite of written warnings she continued to use the out-sized hoses.

      We understand she now works for the government...

      • I recently supplied Nurse Ratchet with a reference for a job looking after a very,very old man in Argentina. Don’t know if she got the job?

        • She got the interview, but then balked at the prospect of the daily commute between Buenos Aires and Chipping Norton.

          By the way, your reference for her has been noted in higher circles; they’ve now opened a file on you.

  28. Happy birthday Rob! It's not too late to say this within a week in my country and also a good excuse for a drink within a month 🙂 I must say that I'm not envious of the Sunderland but I'm envious of your cabinet 😉 Cheers!

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