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Review: Aircrew in Scale

October 27, 2018 · in Reviews · · 5 Comments

A few modellers here work with WW1 subjects, and I thought I'd pass along some details of two German firms that produce some very nice aircrews/mechanics in resin.

This first is Kellerkind Minaturen and the figures are , so if you have , , or other in this scale these are very well cast.

The next set is from Munich Kits. These are 1/72, and the firm also produces a series of artillery/Western Front themed figures. There is also a small selection of aircrew/mechanics in 1/48.

5 responses

  1. There is something about WW1 figures whereby the poses generally have more ‘presence’ about them. They have more character and as such just appear more real. I understand that you have to have the skills to really do them justice but it seems to me at least that manufacturers try a little harder with Great War figures.

    Thanks, Rob.

    • Was considering the Munich figures for recent Gotha project, as vignette. At present still have aircraft as individual display, but these are really nicely cast pieces. They are in sets at around €8.50.

      The 1/32 figures are more expensive, individually but competitively priced as resin pieces.

  2. Interesting set of figures, albeit not my forte (or area of expertise). 🙁

  3. Thanks for posting Rob, these are very nice figures indeed. I don't build airplanes too often but would also place figures next to them if I did, it shows-off the scale proportions better than a number on the nameplate!

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