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Hasslefree 28mm Barbarian

October 31, 2018 · in Figures · · 6 · 2.2K

The second figure I finished from Hasslefree was this female . She was a blast to paint. Small, a mix of textures and that great cloak. For around 10.00 it was a solid purchase. is very roughly 1/48 just as a general guide. · on youtube
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  1. Anyone who can paint figures has MY vote...(oh, yeah - that's next week, isn't it). 🙁

  2. Aaron, in my homeland they have a saying the fun only starts when someone loses an eye!

  3. She's so LITTLE! Great job, Aaron. 28mm must be close to 1/48 size, though perhaps a wee bit bigger.

    • 28mm gained popularity in tabletop games. Both wargaming and Role Playing Games as they were big enough (they say 😉 ) to hold detail but be small enough to have a lot on a table.

      They come in two varieties. More common is heroic scale which is a bit exaggerated. They still seem proportioned but are just a tad exaggerated to make detail and painting easier. The other is true scale. Which is awesome as the characters are spot on. Like from the Doctor Who miniature range. They are the same scale but slender.

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