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Testors 1/48 Mig-37 Ferret

April 26, 2013 · in Aviation · · 3 · 4.4K

Hello out there,

Just finished this one up this morning. Its the 1986 boxing and can still be found on ebay relatively easily.The Ferret came out around the same time as their F-19 and I actually got both of them for Christmas when I was 7. I decided to revisit this kit and see how it went together after a few decades of practice. The kit has a pretty low parts count as is typical with offerings. More of a paint job model. Their is however decent detail to be found such as full bomb bays with trapeze, decent gear bays and legs, speed brakes, and a complete cockpit. The fit is dicey especially on the underside where the wings attach. I fixed up the top but didn't worry about the belly so much as their isn't much to see. I added an old resin K-36 bang seat I had in the stash and rescribed the whole kit (all 14 panel lines). I also modified the exhaust area with plastic sheet and some foil tape to "beef" it up. I decided to paint her up in a sort of retro northern fleet camo using Model Master enamels. I thought it turned out pretty cool. Their are a ton of stencil decals and they actually held up pretty well considering they were yellowed and so old. I only had two shatter on me and they were tiny. The rest needed some coaxing to settle down, but seeing as how this is a flat faceted aircraft it wasn't that difficult. If you can find this one give it a shot. With all the aftermarket out there for Migs this kit offers a lot of possibilities for different paint schemes and loadouts. I am thinking about putting a few archers underneath but that can wait. In the mean time, thanks for looking and enjoy.


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  1. Hadn't seen that one before, John...nice job on a so-so kit.

  2. Interesting build, not a knock on the model, but sometimes a plane just looks right (Spitfire, Mustang, B-17) and sometimes it doesn't. This is definitely one that doesn't. Nice work just the same. I like the camouflage scheme and commend you on a well executed build.

  3. Thanks Craig. It was a challenge you might say. @ Walt, I have to agree. Sort of reminds me more of a flying squirrel/ant eater but I really like Russian jets and it really breaks up the scenery on the display shelf.

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