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Revell 1:72 Arado Ar 555

Pleasant build, which was ruined by the weights getting lose inside the aircraft. I´ll superglue them next time.
The aircraft here is based in North Africa, 1948, and flies for I/KG 7 “Afrika.”

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9 responses to Revell 1:72 Arado Ar 555

  1. Nice, clean build, my friend…I like it. 🙂

  2. Good work, nice scheme.

  3. Wow, nice build. Never seen an aircraft like it.
    I am sure it would be a talking point of interest.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Interesting aircraft Francisco, well done.

  5. Kind of reminds me of the flying wing in Indiana Jones – Raiders of the Lost Ark. This, I believe, was not actually a real aircraft but created for the movie…

  6. Francisco, I see David (above) beat me to the Raiders of the lost ark comparison !
    Well done on a very interesting looking airplane (real or not) it still looks pretty neat.
    As for your nose weight, I have had some problems with super glue coming loose, but have never had anything come loose, gluing in weight with 5 minute epoxy (“Gorilla glue” brand seems to work the best). Hope that helps !

    • Jokes on me, I used slow curing glue to attach the lead weights, but I guess it wasn´t enough because they got lose after handling and painting the model.
      I was thinking in adding CA to the bottom of the weight, and then add the regular slow curing glue to the side of the weight that faces an unimportant part of the plastic (you know, to avoid plastic deformation), that way the join would be stronger.

      Funny that you and David mentioned Raiders of the Lost Ark, that´s what the seller at my LHS told me while I was checking the model for broken pieces!

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