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Last of the Four – the Silhouette is done!

This must be a record for me at least since I was young, 4 kits done in 3 months! All fun, all straight out of the box (well I did plug wires on the dragster) and I did my best to not stress out over perfection. The last one is AMTs Silhouette. I used Alclads’ Candy Violet which was great, but a bit difficult to work with. Several days after spraying, I still ended up with a couple of faint fingerprints, I hope to polish them out in a few weeks when the finish is good and hard. It also seems to attract duct like no ones business! Again as it cures fully I am hoping that subsides. Nevertheless it is a wonderful deep color and I am happy with it. And the last picture shows all 4, fun kits I have built since January. Next up…Tamiya’s 1/48 Tomcat, built as one of the first Tomcats I encountered as a young airman in 1987 aboard The USS Nimitz. I’ll give you a hint…Arrrrghhh Matey Hoist the…

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13 responses to Last of the Four – the Silhouette is done!

  1. All nicely finished, Rob…lookin’ forward to that F-14A (I hear it’s a really nice kit).

  2. Excellent, Rob. Sounds (and looks) like you are having real fun with your modeling at the moment. That candy violet is beautifully done.


  3. Nice, Rob. Sometimes you just gotta get something built straight away. OoTB and/or new genres keeps our great hobby fun and keeps the juices flowing. Good job. Sit back, enjoy the brew and ponder the next project. Cheers!

  4. Good stuff Rob. Am I showing my age if I was around when the Rat Fink kits were first issued?

  5. Nope, I was too. Built my first kit in ’65 a Lindberg Corvette I was 5.

  6. Love it Rob, I was 5 in 1965 also, but didn’t build my first until 68, it was the MPC Monkee Mobile. My first F-14 was them bones of VF-84. Got one on the bench now USS Nimitz, 1980.
    The Silhouette was one of my favorite hot wheel car right up their with the Splittin Image!

  7. 🙂 … Greetings … 🙂 :
    I have had so much fun looking at this model. The whole model is so clean and sharp and the color as well as the paint and shine are very keen. To tell you the truth … it looks like a 1/64 scale HOT WHEEL die cast … job very well done Rob.

  8. Nice!! I Think that there was a Hot Wheels car of this. Haze grey and underway!

  9. wow – you gave that model a lot more TLC that I would have! Came out looking great!!

  10. Nice stuff. Great paint.

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