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LaGG-3 1/48, worn winter camo

November 21, 2018 · in Aviation · · 16 Comments

I've just finished my second model in 1/48th scale.

The building process was full of inconsistency and doubts. I was extremely close to throwing the kit to the trash bin few times - some moments of the build were very frustrating to me as the newcomer in the scale.
I made a conclusion that kits are aimed on the experienced modellers and they are not so suitable for the beginners. However, if you are open to new experience and have a lot of patience, you can definitely build a gorgeous replica from this kit. It's just a matter of time and your skills.
The kit offers a lot of details right out of the box, so I made just a few minor improvements during the build: added seatbelts and some gear leg detailing from the Different Scales (ex-Mars Models) PE set, scratchbuilded hydraulic lines for the main gear legs, a landing light internal part, an aerial and gun barrels. Also I cut off the lower parts of the main gear leg shields corresponding to the prototype.

I tried to reproduce the effect of wearing out the temporary winter white painted over the standard early soviet green/black pattern. Then I added some scratches and weathering and teared the decals a bit to give them heavilly worn look too.

After all, it was a pleasure build (except greatly frustrating fitting of the main parts). And it pumped up my modelling skills, definetely. Many thanks to ICM for so efficent training.:)

For just the second try in the scale I find the result more than acceptable and looking for the new challenges.

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16 responses

  1. Winter temporary camouflage looks great, well done!

    • Hi Dmitry,

      Thanks a lot!
      I'm impressed with your works - Brits especially.
      How do you achieve that smooth pastel tones in camouflage pattern?.. It's just an outstanding effect I think.

  2. I am also new to the hobby. Your weathering here is bold, and it works very well. How do you like 1/48 compared to other scales?

    • Hi Mon,
      Thanks for your kind words.:)

      I really loved this scale once I tried it with the Eduard's Ni-11 kit. 1/48 gives a lot of opportunities to train and improve modelling skills I think.

      However, I continue enjoying my favourite 1/72 scale builds. Hope to add some of them here soon too .

  3. A great-looking model - I'm getting ready to attempt that winter over-paint on a Pe-2 - hoping it turns out as nice as yours.

    • Hey Greg, thanks for your kind words! I wish you an efficent and effortless paint job with your Pe-2. It's gorgeous type and it should look great in some winter clothes.:)
      I have one in my stash too but haven't started it yet - it's very dificult to select the one marking option from the vast range offered by aftermarket decals.

  4. A nice result here.

    I'd like to suggest that you try thinning your paint more (60% paint - 40% thinner, even 50-50), then shoot at a lower air pressure (like around 13 psi) and tighten the airbrush way down. You'll get a better final look (to the camouflage) with less overspray and more definite demarcation lines. Air brushing is an art, and mastery only comes through practice practice practice (I've been practicing it since 1972 and may someday master it).

    • Thanks Tom,

      you're absolutely right sying that practice is the only way to become a master. I appreciate any advice that I can use to develop my skills.

      I try to find the better way to mix the paints for airbrushing but can't say that I succeeded significantly. In case I mix 50/50 or thicker I often have my airbrush jammed (0.15 H&S Infinity at 15-18 Psi). But if I dilute it more I have another problems: the coverage becomes very uneven (especially when I use Vallejo paints). So I'm on my way to find the balance.

      Can't you tell me some about paints and thiners you use, please?

      At the moment, my preferred couple is Tamiya acrylics with GSI Levelling thinner - I found it the most fluent yet predictable of all I tried.

  5. Great job on the weathering

    • Thanks George, it took far less efforts than I supposed. Hope to build another few models in winter camouflage soon.
      There are a lot of interesting prototypes USSR and Germany had at the WWII period...

    • Thanks a lot, Bob.:)
      I was really surprised with this kit after I put a layer of a primer on it.
      I thought it can't turn into anything interesting up to that point.

  6. Man, I wish my second kit looked that great!

    • I wish my second kit looked that way too.:)

      This LaGG-3 is my second try just in 1/48th scale but it's my 45-th model actually.
      Usually I build 1/72 models.

      Here's the pic of the model I believe was my second.:)
      It was painted by hand, and I didn't know yet anything about weathering at the moment.

      1 attached image. Click to enlarge.

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