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Monkeemobile, building a vintage Kit for a friend

My friend dug this out of storage, and asked me to build it because he had a stroke and lost hand dexterity. I was honored, and thrilled to do this for him. I took my time with it, and took days off when I was frustrated. It is not the kind of kit that I am used to, and I had to improvise a few things. It turned out great and I am very proud of the finished model.

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12 responses to Monkeemobile, building a vintage Kit for a friend

  1. You should be proud John it looks great. That model brings back a lot of memories, if my memory serves me right it started out as a Pontiac?

  2. Great Monkeemobile, John!

  3. Yep – a few memories come creeping back from the little grey cells…! Nice.

  4. Hey ,Hey, we’re the… I wont finish. It came out groovy, far out!!

  5. John it looks like you took the last train to Clarksville on a Pleasant Valley Sunday and ended up with a great looking model here in status symbol land…
    Yeah I was a fan…lol

  6. Can’t stop monkeying around…I agree with Tom B – you ought to be proud as helping a friend is a noble and this is a lovely build that makes you smile. And that, my friend, is a wonderful thing.



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