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Shuichi Hayashi – Weathering master

November 17, 2018 · in How-to · · 9 Comments

I discovered this modeler by chance looking at some magazines in a bookstore in Nagoya.
Really impressive job! · on youtube

Shuichi Hayashi's Youtube channel can be found here:

9 responses

  1. Well Alex judging a book by the cover isn’t the best policy, but that Tomcat looks like the real thing. Any chance you can upload a few inner pages for us, voyeurs, to peek? Thanks for bringing this book here

  2. Looks REALLY heavily weathered. I'm not sure I like that much. But it's done VERY well.

  3. Looks great, Alex. Please give a bit more flesh to the bone so that this gets a worthy front page article.

  4. Here’s a link to a review of the book if anyone wants to give it a read.

  5. "Impressive" weathering/detailing by this modeler just doesn't describe his talent(s) adequately. WOW!

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